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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

White House says the "time is right" for ENDA. Uh, no it's not. Via David Readytorumble Fleck

Facing continued fallout from the Obama administration's decision not to proceed with an executive order banning LGBT discrimination by federal contractors, White House spokesman Shin Inouye tells Metro Weekly today that "the time is right for a comprehensive legislative approach" to address anti-LGBT workplace discrimination -- a reference to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act -- although he added that "the Administration hasn't taken any options off the table."

In responding to questions about the decision on Thursday, April 12, White House press secretary Jay Carney had pointed to "an inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act" as providing "lasting and comprehensive non-discrimination protections" for LGBT people. He had, contrary to today's statement, said, "[W]e do not expect that an EO on LGBT nondiscrimination for federal contractors will be issued at this time."
Um, nothing is getting passed in the Republican House, and it's not even clear we have the votes in the Democratic Senate - but for sure we're not getting it passed in this GOP House - so the time is not right for ENDA to pass in Congress.

And what is this about no options off the table?  So, they might do the executive order this year?  Huh?  This is starting to feel awfully messy and unfocused.

The administration should have gotten at least two of the community's top demands done in the first four years - ENDA, DADT repeal, DOMA repeal.  They opted for one big one, and a few lesser ones.  And now they're paying the price in an election year.