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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Wall Las Memorias Become our friend today and help us provide HIV testing and increase wellness in the Latino community by Richard Zaldivar

Dear Friend,

Since 1993, The Wall-Las Memorias Project has been in the forefront in preventing HIV/AIDS in the Latino community of Los Angeles. Since the dedication of the AIDS monument, we have evolved into a social action organization that promotes wellness and prevents illness among Latino populations affected by HIV/AIDS. Moreover, The Wall-Las Memorias utilizes the inspiration of the AIDS Monument to truly become a catalyst for social change. 

As the economy is rebounding, The Wall-Las Memorias Project is looking at all possible opportunities to raise the necessary funds to continue our movement for social change.

This year, we have set a goal to raise $300,000 so that we may increase our capacity and resources to provide the needed services in the areas of: HIV testing, mental health, substance abuse support services and peer leadership development for individuals’ at-high risk.

For that reason, we invite you to become more active in our grassroots movement by becoming a Friend of The Wall-Las Memorias.
Your one time and/or monthly donation will have a direct impact by increasing HIV testing norms and wellness in our communities.

As a Friend of The Wall Las Memorias, your contribution will give our staff the necessary tools it needs to be effective community organizers and peer health educators. Members who make a donation as low as $10 a month for one year will get an official membership t-shirt.
The strength of our organization reflects upon the fortitude of its supporters. We hope that you can help us continue the movement for a positive social change in Los Angeles.

You can become a Friend of the Wall Las Memorias by visiting us or contacting Mr. Eddie Martinez, Associate Director at 323-257-1056 ext. 28 or via email at
Thank you for your individual attention in reading this important message, and hope to see you in 2012.

Richard Zaldivar
Founder and Executive Director

Become our friend today and help us provide HIV testing and
increase wellness in the Latino community.
Commit to as little as $10 a month and join us in our fight against HIV/AIDS.
Make a gift at or call 323.257.1056 ext. 28