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Monday, April 16, 2012

Trans-Formation 1 - A Max Igan Film. (2012) via Michael Tsarion

A Max Igan Film. Trans-Formation 1, The Easy Artistic Version (2012) Can we transform the path of destruction into one of loving harmony. A heaven on earth? This is the first phase of other videos to come. The next documentary in the series, to be made available in around six months, will delve more into the scientific realm around us and more importantly, ourselves. Be captured by the's time to non comply with what we known is not right 
Full film available for download at : 

Consciousness is autonomous and our organic revolutionary place – humans are not designed to be following orders, we are not designed to have authority figures above us, or submissive people below us. It is not natural, it is not normal, and it’s certainly not healthy.” Brian Willson