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Friday, April 13, 2012


Talaya is a Canaanite Rain-Goddess, the dew or rain personified. She is one of the three "noble brides" and the second daughter or a consort of Ba'al the Storm God, though She is also called a daughter of the great Mother Goddess Athirat. Her full name is Talaya bat Rab, "Dew, Daughter of Rain", and Her sisters are Aretsaya, Goddess of the Earth, and Pidraya, Goddess of Light or Lightning. The land of Canaan, sandwiched between the mountains and the coast, was not desert as were the inland areas, but due to the combination of moist air blowing off the sea and sudden high mountains, was blessed with regular rainfall. In winter this amounted to heavy storms; and in summer the moisture fell as dew of a peculiarly heavy kind, much like a fine drizzle. Talaya is the Goddess of this summer dew.
In the Epic of Ba'al, She has a beautiful palace that arouses the jealousy of Ba'al; when He finally builds His own, He refuses to put any windows in it, because He is afraid that His enemy Yam may abduct Talaya or Pidraya—in other words, His powers to cause rain and lightning. After He finally defeats Yam, however, He is at last persuaded to build one so that His daughters may come out into the world and bless it with nourishing rain.

Alternate spellings: Talay, Talai, Talliya, Tly.