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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Settling Accounts - Lisa Renee Reposted from Imzaia's official Spirit report

reposted from IMZAIA's Spirit Official Spirit Report

Dear Family,

During the course of entering the current Astrological year, which commences around the Equinox on March 21st, we have been host to a variety of explosive energies and important shifts in the planetary body and its relationship to the Solar, Galactic and Universal bodies. The result of that change in the planetary architecture has a great impact on the future of humanity and the ongoing management of various resources, such as "energy" or power sources at many different levels of usage. For those of us paying attention during this Ascension shift, we are remembering how to return to inner balance and to place a priority on personal and inner spiritual development. As we return to inner balance, a result of spiritual initiation and soul embodiment, we are learning to manifest within a parameter of balanced energy exchanges, which is a necessary new skill. This means the inner light manifests its will, through guided energetic containment and clear purpose that harmoniously interacts with others resonance by respecting the life force of all of its creators. ("Harmoniously" is used within these terms to mean, not generating karmic loads, however, harmony may need to be balanced through conflict, as we observe the discordance existing between the "spiritual light" and the "dead light" creating destruction or completions. This is the credo of the "polarity integrator", whose synthesis of these polarities is the alchemy which creates embodied neutrality.)

This recent planetary shift will (shortly) become a demonstrated support system that impacts how future resources and their energy fields are used to manifest in this physical reality. To create worlds in balanced manifestation, is by placing true value on energy exchanges, by valuing life force, and the original source of that life force, as held within the natural laws of creation. The architecture records all memory as to what energies are sourced from each being, and how all energies are being used, at individual, planetary, and beyond levels. There is no faking this energetic accounting and it is being settled at the end of the cycle, as it is now. This is not a judgment. What it means is that every being must come to terms with their own energy source and draw upon it from within to manifest their will. Since the inner light will not energize shadow manifestations, one must learn to align to their true self in order to manifest.

The power of the ego and its shadow body to manifest physical structures through the superimposition of force on other bodies or hitchhiking on group energies, is crumbling. This is the end of consumptive modeling, which means humanity is in the transition to end parasitic relationships that push ongoing karmic loads onto the backs of others. The "free ride" is coming to an end for the hidden agenda of enslaving others energies through manipulation or vampirism, which creates incredible loads of "dead energy" and phantom spaces.

As we are well aware, the point of external power and how that energy source has been directed (and stolen) has long been the crux of an ancient heated Extraterrestrial dispute, among those shadow selves that intentionally exploit and enslave others on this planet. We are reliving the pinnacle of these disputes now. As a result, the shadow and its energetic imbalances existing in our own lives (and relationships) are being brought blaringly into surface view, as now is the time ofSettling Accounts. This shift in the larger field is starting with us, and many of us will undergo these "return to energy balance" corrections, as well as face to transcend the shadow selves, in the months to come.

Desperate Means for Desperate Measures 

We all are becoming accountable for our own energies and how we direct them in this physical world, at a level of energetic responsibility that has immediate repercussions. This change has resulted in "desperate means for desperate measures" because the majority of people, and the energies and/or entities controlling them, feel backed into a corner. This creates a lot of desperation in people, and that does not generate good behavior. This also means we have to really discipline ourselves to not feed or reinforce that bad behavior by losing our cool or calm in high pressure situations. If you succumb to feed the bad behavior, and engage with a drama designed for interference, the result at this time is similar to a piranha feeding frenzy. That desperate sensation existing in the external energy field may feel like a wild or feral animal, looking for any vulnerability to pounce and find a way in to extract your light. As one understands the power of the light source and the consciousness that you carry, you become equipped to defend that light, and to direct it (as a divine vessel) to multiply goodness into your life and the lives of others. This prevents the shadow selves from consuming it, thereby energizing its hidden or selfish desires. This is a period where we must find discernment to exercise "tough love" over "idiot compassion", as many desperate beings will attempt to destroy what you are creating in order to consume it, from their blindness or judgment to the larger overview.

Interdimensional Chess Game 

As we are literally thrust with great intensity into this new cycle, it comes with quite the "game change" being made to the playing field. Most people are not quite yet aware of that changing playing field, however, many sense the intensity behind the scenes that "the shoe is gonna drop". There is an explosiveness and intensity that is electrifying in the collective fields now. Behind the scenes, with multiple agendas operating on this prison planet, it is similar to an inter-dimensional chess game. If one allows themselves to be in flow as a neutral witness, and act accordingly when the moment is clear to take action, one may note the incredible orchestration of a smooth, yet, complex and deliberate strategy. This strategy in no way sources from your conscious mind, as it is immediate and spontaneous, never pre-meditated.

It is easier to see the incredible patterns of people playing out their respective roles to complete and contribute some part of the orchestration that is completing this dark cycle on planet earth. As within the Art of War, this deliberate strategy is required to play out each part fully, and yet this at its highest causation, is not a game of human ego. It is a game existing between the most immense and powerful forces imaginable. Yet it is our human being that is the game piece directing these forces on the chess board. As we are held out as the pieces to play the game out on the interdimensional chessboard, that allows for two choices. One may act from the wisdom and clarity to be consecrated as the divine vessel of God Spirit, or be jacked around by the ego domination of its shadow self, to be pushed around the board like a lifeless pawn.

Casting Judgment Destroys 

These forces are immense and without an inner spiritual rudder, can throw you to the wall and to your knees with an effortless swipe. Without the ego checked at the door and the superficial masks removed, this is a very difficult time to get entangled and be wound up with the perceived wrongs, injustices and brutal betrayals that are around us at this time. This time has a similar energy as a "witch-hunt", trolling for something or someone to take the blame for your pain and be the symbol of "wrongdoing". This time forward will bring many of these life circumstances to the surface, for many it is perceived as a "wrong-doing" from the ego mind of the shadow self. For many people this is an unconscious (or conscious) playing out of lifetimes of unresolved karmic memories. This sense of "injustice" and the need to extract some kind of justice through personal vengeance or self-righteousness, will become increasingly common in the external world. This dark overlay makes people desperate for a sense of meaning in their lives and to feel justice in this world. Some people will believe it is their job to extract justice from others in whatever way their shadow mind and their manipulators tells them is real. Some people will think it is their job to preach for others to repent their sins to some angry god. Others will believe it is their job to correct others life path and attack their efforts or projects. Unfortunately in all cases with dark manipulation, no one wins, even if it is believed to be just, as everyone can get hurt. This is a grave mistake of ego, to condemn through judgment, destroys, rather than saves.

However, as these explosive circumstances rear themselves, conflicts and tensions are designed to bring the clarity required to see the circumstance and the players accurately. This is the positive opportunity hidden within these challenges. What has existed as imbalanced power exchanges, false friends, false priorities and other superficial or hidden motivations are being brought to your personal attention. Where there is something or someone that has access or influence to your life, (your personal energy field), if it is hidden and not declaring itself in transparency, its hidden motive will explode on the scene of your life to make immediate "corrections". Bang! Now that's divine protection! You see the weakness of interference, and are able to make corrections to secure your field immediately.

The Law of Concentric Circles 

Imagine you can see rings of energy spheres surrounding your core consciousness that exist within many layers of concentric circles, all fitting easily and moving in fluid harmony within each other. As you become aware of your energy body, you start to realize that these concentric circles are liquid light rippling outward from your core, and that is your inner life force, comprising your spiritual light bodies and consciousness. This is your energy reservoir, an intrinsic part of your spiritual being, to create and experience your life stream throughout many lifetimes. Like a serene and placid lake, rippling out circles of light, you note how the colored rings directly travel and easily attract an exchange to a vast One Concentric Circle that flushes pulses of pure liquid light into your heart centers, of which then circuit the pulsing life force throughout your entire being. The sensation is of being fully alive, and is blissful, connected, safe, secure and loving, you know that you are an abundant child of the Universe. You realize God Creator is exchanging with your light body massive amounts of life force nourishment that allow you to continually expand your consciousness and express your highest creation, while dancing with all other creators in harmony. Every cell in your being pulses with the inner will to do so, to create, to love, to express. The inner knowing is aware that there is plenty of life force for everyone that seeks it, as it exists from the inside of your heart, which connects directly to the heart of God Source.

Moving through many life experiences on earth the energy ripples in your field constrict and many energy colors are now missing. As you scan your energy body you see many people lodged in your energy body located in various levels and layers of the concentric circles. You see that some light bodies are even gone, as they were consumed and used by others that thought that they could take your energy body without asking you. From tracking your missing light body you find other people abundant, successful and that they have been using your body as the light source to manifest, rather than accessing the God source from within their own being. You start to not feel well, as the life force has been drained from your personal light body. The drain is so rapid, the vast One Larger Concentric circle, the God Source, has been fully disconnected from your heart and energy body. There is no longer any portion of your light body left in order to exchange or connect with the One God Source. The pain of disconnection is felt, your heart shuts down, and the lack of nourishment and the depletion of creativity become apparent. You are starting to feel lifeless and depressed. From the inner knowing, you realize you have to take action, reclaim your energy bodies again, and evict those beings that had inhabited your light body for their own personal gain or ignorance. You also check yourself to see where you may have taken others energies that did not belong to you, and you ask for forgiveness for its return to the rightful owner. As you reclaim your light bodies and reclaim your energies, those people that were living in your energy field, were happy manifesting their desires, and now they are not. Their reality is falling apart. They cannot manifest anymore what they want. They believe it is your fault and get very angry. Some people will listen when you tell them that they can access the living energy of God from inside themselves, they do not need to take your energy, and they happily change their focus, while others do not. The others do not want to change as it requires they stop manifesting from their lower desires. From this experience you realize you have to take better care of your light bodies and be responsible for all of your energies. This strengthens your energy core as you return to energetic balance. Now, with your returned light, you are able to manifest the highest potential of your spiritual expression in partnership with God Source. Filled with the wisdom these experiences have brought you, happiness and fulfillment are returned in the joyous moment, knowing that you are fully connected and always will be, with the eternal sustenance of the Source Light. 

Through the Return to Rightful Owner, the Law of Concentric Circles is that which define the energetic source signature (life force) and return it back to the energetic body or to the "original creator" for its direct use for spiritual expansion, creative expression and manifestation. Conversely, all energy that one has taken from others energetic bodies, (that have not been appropriately exchanged in balance), must be given back. This is the benevolent action being applied in this cycle, that require we learn to self-source our own manifestations. Anything one puts forth into the world, their consciousness and energy signature is present, their unique spiritual inspiration is imbued within it. Whether it is energetic life force or a manifestation of your life's work, manifest or unmanifest, if it is connected to you or through you, and has been taken or used from imbalance, it is returning. And vice versa. (However, one must learn to behave in accordance to the Law and not continually steal energies that are not theirs to use. In this case penalties and suffering will ensue.) All energetic exchanges must be settled, and in this way, within the Law of Concentric Circles, there are NO DISPUTES. The Universal Laws of Creation are this "just", there is no mind involved to determine it. It is what it IS, as the Law of Creation, without judgment. The life force is tracked, the energy signature is known, the energy is measured and the Great Universe dispenses its ruling as it Returns to the Rightful Owner. As this cycle accelerates and many people are dismantled from their manifestations, naturally without context, this creates a ball of energetic confusion and chaos in the collective. Practice participating with aligned energetic exchanges (where a personal resonance is present) and giving energetic value to life force, in whatever form the energy takes, when it shows up in present awareness. One will be way ahead of transcending the rampant collective poverty consciousness, by understanding that this change is present in the planetary architecture, which will continue to enforce this change in the laws of manifestation in the future.

Overcoming Self Doubt

By now most of us that have taken the intermediate to advanced pathway in the Ascension, have been flung into the frying pan to "learn as you go". At this level of experience, we in the light family know they "crucify the Christ" on this planet. Regardless of that fact, we came anyway during the end cycle to change that event and help transition this world by bringing God's promise of freedom and eternal life to all. This is the hidden light to be revealed inside our own bodies. Before we are capable to be this divine chalice, we must find God existing within our own image and restore energetic balance to our bodies through inner spiritual sustenance. As we face the created shadow and compare its reflection to the eternal light that radiates from inside us, the radiated light consumes the shadow reflection. From this experience, of facing the shadow to find God, we become knowers that there is nothing else in this realm but the radiated light of this eternal truth in Source. No Light can come from the perpetration of evil, while evil can be vanquished by the propagation of Light.

While in this spiritual process of energetic mastery, (of which some of us have no other choice but to participate) we are placed in the throes of extremes. During these end times, extremes are coming at us from every direction, which is similar to learning how to be an energetic "kung fu master", staying in your core, locking down your field, no matter what. This is the "dark arts" discipline. Know that self-doubt takes you out of your core, and allows weakness to overtake you. Dark entities (shadow) know this very well and will jump on any vulnerability to weaken effectiveness and clarity. There is a progression of learning that is "exacting" in these mastery stages. First stage, you will need to overcome the weakness from believing in yourself, and overcoming any self-doubt by calling upon "Faith". Without overcoming self-doubt, you will not get to the stage of having strong and immovable "Faith". As one places all of their consciousness power in faith, faith in yourself, faith in God, faith in the goodness that is present, one will be exploited for weaknesses created by any place of lingering self-doubt. When in Doubt, Apply Faith. One cannot get to the sensory ability (present in the spiritual body) of "direct knowing" through the process of self-doubt. Never will doubt lead to knowing. 

As one masters the application of faith to replace self-doubt, as one pays attention to life lessons to strengthen the core and rid the body of shadow, the process of "knowing" begins. Through strong faith overcoming self-doubt, the spiritual body can anchor into the core, to which the experiences of direct cellular knowing occur. As one shifts from learned "faith" to direct "cellular knowing", there is nothing anyone on the external can say, through harassment, or criticism, to move you away from the core truth living inside of you.

Until one reaches the place inside themselves to experience "direct knowing", practice applying strong faith. Make an effort to eradicate self- doubt. Look within to the places where you do have knowing and apply all the faith you have there. Faith strengthens, while Doubt weakens.

Gridworker Update 

As we entered the new cycle, the week of the March Equinox, this time was very difficult for many people that are sensitive, empaths, or gridworkers. In this year and ongoing, there are anticipated and accelerated frequency shifts creating portal networks specifically in the Four Corners Area of the United States'. This is an area of Hopi Prophecy and Hopi protection, which include both human and Extraterrestrial Guardians working together to protect these areas of the planet from destruction and infiltration. That dedication has been a long, hard and painful existence, for the many that have held the portal open for these times, they are nearing the primary reason they have incarnated here for many eons. During that week many Starseeds, (and Indigos) were called to protect this area from an invasion attack concerning a black hole technology being used to destroy the area, destroy the nature and destroy the portal from communications and spiritual access. When attempts like this are used by the Negative Alien Agenda, they will almost always use patterns of destruction present from other timelines to hijack those fields to be directed "en masse", into the current time field. This was exactly what happened the week of March 21st, and into March 26th.

That week was the anniversary of the first use of a negative alien technology, which is designed to reverse black holes on the horizontal grid networks, placing huge rips in the time /space fabric. Visually it looks similar to a large circular cone, a "portal vacuum", where it sucks a massive amount of life force, including plants, animals, and nature elementals, into its "black hole" leading to dead energy or phantom spaces. When it operates it renders the earth landscape, "energetically dead" and barren. For sensitives or beings that can see this happening, the pain is excruciating. The anniversary of that date was March 23rd , it was used to create the same event again to attempt to destroy the Four Corners Network from opening communication portals that allow more benevolent E.T's, Blue Star Families and other Christed intervention to access this dimension and help the planet at this time. They were not entirely successful, albeit created damage. Many of us in contact with ET's were contacted during that week (or earlier weeks) by Benevolent's for various reasons, such as preparation, introduction, contact and support. Others that were not consciously aware of this event, felt a dark, black cloud of despair, either in the planet, near them or around them, and it was very difficult to endure. The depth of the dark cloud of melancholy depression, for most, has lifted by now. However, we now have a tremendous amount of shadow debris and astral gunk to filter out and move away from this active portal network, and other areas, as we work with the benevolent teams in partnership, to clean up this mess. This shadow debris is landing on people and ( without clearing tools) making them act out the negativity of its energy impact.

The Four Corners Area is to be an area of accelerated Extraterrestrial contact, a communication hub and interdimensional port, which will become more prevalent this year and ongoing. Contact is personal at this time due to the extreme fragility of the human mental bodies and explosive dynamics present on earth. However, as mentioned last month, guidelines for positive contact and preparation for those communications, is suggested for Starseeds, that have not been contacted already. Overcoming fear, self-doubt and the tendency to glamourize E.T.'s is critical for successful contact. Some contact will be applied through dream state, telepathy, virtual realities, computer technologies, ufo sighting and some dark arts training is needed to discern and enforce who you allow to communicate with you. Do not accept blindly what anything is telling you, use your 12 D shield, employ boundary testing and appropriate guidelines for establishing rules (on your terms) for contact.

Additionally in the human 3D realm, because of this aggressive feral energy, the patriarchal mind and its energy distortions, as they apply to these structures, are extremely amplified to the point of total chaos and utter insanity. Software programs (mind control) around the archetype of "False King of Tyranny" and "Crown of Thorns" (a type of crucifixion implant in the logos) are both false constructs tied into the legal, financial, religious, and corporate operations, with those male dominates (women also polarized in male tyranny or enslavement) who drive division through war and economies, through the use of force, fear, control, insanity and terrorism - is off the charts.

The pressure is so great to the weakened body and mind, for the unprepared person who has been heavily brainwashed, that insanity and spinning out of control through these software programs are very present. It is very saddening, however staying in observer mode is necessary to not be pulled into the abyss created by those that are floundering, or attacking, without the inner rudder. We are most effective as embodied beacons of light, the Lighthouse, and we must protect our boundaries and know our limits. To our planetary stewards and leaders, it is not effective to let anyone take you out, hijack your mission, or drain your blood. Defend yourself and stay clear of idiot compassion. We are in the crux of the heated conflict and in some cases, it calls for triage measures.

We are in the best of times and worst of times. We sit in the timeline of where every single moment counts, there is no other place in the Universe where we can do what we came here to do, like we have the opportunity to accomplish RIGHT NOW. Remember who you are, and that you came here for this, because you wanted to help, because you valued life. Know we are in this together, and you are never alone.

Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.

Love Always, Lisa