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Friday, April 13, 2012

Re-directed Arrow of Healing Action

SUN in Aries SQUARE MOON in Capricorn this morning, predawn, stepped us down into the DARK WANING LAST QUARTER of the lunar cycle of JUSTICE. We are clearing old karmic patterns between masculine and feminine, dark and light, right and wrong. JUSTICE is about the perfect balance between sides. JUSTICE teaches us to give and receive energy with all the other forces in the universe “just right,” in an intelligent way that creates the potential for beauty, and the music of the spheres.
MOON SQUARES SATURN in Libra (tapping the Cardinal Cross of Change) continuing to change us in the realms of home, work, self and relationship. We can release old ways, old thoughts and old experiences today, gracefully like dropping leaves down a flowing river, we’re empowered to release our past.
MOON SEXTILES MERCURY at 10:05 am pdt, then goes VOID of COURSE until 3:48 pm pdt.  It is a good idea to get important communications out of the way before the MOON goes VOID, if possible. This MERCURY SEXTILE will provide interesting communications magic along with this VOID window between Capricorn and Aquarius. There is an opportunity for abundance magic, healing magic, or love magic in this little window between stories. MOON enters Aquarius at 2:48 pm pdt. This Aquarius MOON inches toward a magical SEXTILE with URANUS late tonight at 1:07 am pdt.
MARS is STATIONARY DIRECT after 3 MONTHS of RETROGRADE today at 9:53 pm pdt in the healers sign of VIRGO. VIRGO is about examining and doing whatever it takes to heal, balance, restore and support our own physical bodies and world. It digs into dirt, plants seeds and harvests them later, in service to future nourishment. If VIRGO is critical, then we must have slacked on our participation in the healing of ourselves and the world. What will it take to restore the earth to balance? Clean water, clean air, healthy livers, and stomach’s that can integrate what they eat–are all Virgo’s area. We’ve been on a 3 month digging, cleansing and rearranging journey as MARS RETROGRADED in this earth mama sign. Today, we have an alchemical shift, revisiting something, restoring something, renewing and preparing to “begin again.” We’ve “pulled back the arrow,” of our “bow of life,” and with our will, our innocence and our action, we now AIM! We can aim with our heart, and and our soul’s knowing, letting instinctive action guide us toward a more healthy life. Today is an alchemical day of the universe working magic with us, through us and on our behalf. We can receive and participate with conscious awareness.
May the force of our own personal will be a source of light and leadership, joining forces with other lights, leading us into a Golden Age of light, coming soon.