Monday, April 30, 2012

Practical Grounding Work for “Getting Radical” by Azlan White

MOON KISSED grounded SATURN at 7:17 am pdt, then flew into the VOID! MOON in Leo SEXTILE SATURN is scraping the barrel of relationship-restructureville. Now we’re getting the hang of this individuation, self-empowerment phase (potentially).  We are forging our soulful essences into a matrixed world.  As old forms break down, they leave room for more of our authentic self to incarnate. All destructions in relationship, worklife or social situations, may be looked upon as “breaking the shell that enclosed our authenticity.”
Today is a day of STRENGTH preparation (the next archetype in the 18 lunar cycle portal of magical time i’ve been tracking.) Right now we’re in the archetype just prior to Strength: HERMIT. We are doing whatever “resource gathering,” we need to do to be able to face the POWER of the upcoming lunar cycle. It will be an Eclipse cycle and it will be the STRENGTH cycle. We have 2-3 weeks left of the HERMIT cycle to prepare for one of the most intense and powerful lunar cycles of our lives! (beginning with the NEW MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on May 20th).
Because of the MOON VOID energy of today it is a special kind of “practical day.” Not your average “get shit done” day, but a special magical practical “preparation for the coming times,” kind of practical. This can be an emotional preparation, a spiritual preparation, a physical preparation, and a relational preparation, for whatever is coming. Somewhere inside we KNOW what we need to do, under all the matrixed ideas of what we’re “doing.” We can dig for the deeper intuition of what we need to be preparing.
This is not a Doom and Gloom warning, but rather a warning that when creation and transformation ENERGY is strong, it can feel like a volcano or an earthquake hit our lives, however often this is our own personal volcano, of life moving so fast, that we forgot that we created this in our dreams on a cloudy sunday afternoon in March. There is a power coming that is giant and we are small human vessels of energy. We can prepare for this giant shift power who is just beginning to channel through us, as we approach the MAY 20th SOLAR ECLIPSE!!
MOON enters preparation wizard VIRGO at 4:02 pm pdt, as we prepare for a “Giant Unknown Force,” which we may feel today as we move toward a MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE in Pisces at 9pm pdt. In the face of confusion, overwhelm, or “the great unknown,” we need to maintain clarity of purpose, intention and do our best to align our actions with the outrageous true future we “know we need to create,” for the soul of ourselves and the world. This focus of intention, we may hold in the face of a spring wind of distractions as every seed in the kingdom is looking for fertile attention.
MOON CONJUNCTS MARS in the middle of a late night tonight 1:26 am pdt. This is a masculine seed coming into contact with a womb of fertility. We are each a garden of creative paradise, exploding in color from within.
May we allow the divine and earthly wisdom of our own human vehicle to guide us into whatever resource-gathering we need with our crazy soul’s essence-guided intention at the stern of the “ship.” May the soulforce be with you!