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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Power of Compassion - by Alina

( True compassion is a real virtue. On our way to ascension and oneness I believe it is one of the most vital ones. How else will we be able to embrace ALL THAT IS?

I am talking about all that is within ourselves, the challenging parts of ourselves we need to embrace before we can grow beyond them, master them.

I am also talking about ALL THAT IS in the outer reality, which as we all know is merely a reflection of our inner reality. Our creation, our choice of perception, our choice of expression and experience, always.

Having the deep honor of witnessing and receiving true and ascended compassion makes me very aware of the fact that from a human perspective we have no clue what compassion really is about and I am utterly grateful to see this true compassion in action as a beautiful example of what we are all growing into. 

True compassion invites you to be totally new in every moment. Only the now and an open heart, a willingness to expand and learn is what counts. Compassion carries a very pure level of neutrality to the content of what happens. In compassion the only wish is to assist the other to reach the highest potential in each moment. Being compassionate is holding awareness as a beacon onto the ones that are still struggling with awareness. 

True compassion requires Self Mastery, because even in moments that you are met with very unconscious, maybe even low actions and energy, neutrality is vital, only from that pure heart space is true compassion possible. True compassion is also not disregarding these actions, but going in, open, honest, compassionate, even knowing that it will cost a lot of energy and not knowing what the outcome will be. Just trying anyway, like the fool in the Tarot decks, innocently and beautifully trusting, because there is a chance to assist people into expansion, into love. 

True compassion is not to be mistaken with compassion to the personality traits that everyone who is on their ascension path wants to let go off. That is not assisting. That is actually the opposite, that is strengthening the one thing we all want to let go off: the mind system that has been controlling humanity way too long. Which brings me to the point that this controlling too, needs to be in our awareness, needs to be embraced as something we have created for ourselves, something that is also part of us, to then be forgiven and making different choices from that moment onward. 

Another big part of compassion is honoring free will when people choose to create and express from this mind system a little longer. Learning and expanding on that one, I am. Compassion then means letting go in love for that now. Always ready to embrace again! 

The deep engine behind compassion is love, unconditional and universal love. The knowingness that we are indeed one heart together. 

Thank you so much for being here with us, as a beacon of love, compassion and truth!