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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Power Communications Shift by Azlan White

MERCURY SQUARE PLUTO early this morning brings in a dynamic threshold of Communications and Power meeting in some important way. We are in charge of managing our money, resources & sexual energy.  All of the “powers” we posess must be managed with love and intelligence, so we find “right use of power,” right use of relationship and right use of our own selves in this world. Today is a crux day of responsibility and shifting. MERCURY rules our mind, thinking, beliefs, cars, transportation and decision-making.  PLUTO provides a Power to this function in a way that challenges us to meet the deepest places of indecision and address them. We have, in ourselves, a unique discernment system that works differently from anyone else’s. Some of us need to bounce things off of others to decide. Some of us need to take quiet inner time to “know,” from within, and others may need to “receive,” from some external mirror in some way. We all make decisions and discern our choices in a unique way. This SQUARE is a moment to deeply honor our own personal way of navigating in the world. It is a day of truth, power and communicating this truth and power. We each “know,” what we need to do in this important 2012 approaching ECLIPSE window. It is important that we go deep and real and reach for the truth in whatever we face.
MOON TRINE SATURN at 1:31 pm pdt (airy Gemini to Libra) provides us with a solid foundation on which to make decisions and get some good communications work done, in relationships and in our work. The MOON goes into the VOID between Gemini and Cancer after this aspect.
MOON enters Cancer late tonight at 10:42 pm pdt. We ground in the late night into a sweet watery home energy, after the work and decision-making tension of the day.
May this day of PLUTO-MERCURY threshold have us cleaning up our sex, money and power area. We are given the tension to make real and lasting shifts in the area. May we be courageous.