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Monday, April 23, 2012

MOON is in the VOID between Taurus and Gemini until 10:05 am, pdt, when it enters the sign of wings, Gemini. Each of us has a pair of invisible wings that we can use to fly to important places at important times!
MOON in air SQUARES NEPTUNE in water, at 3:33 pm pdt giving us some big waves to surf! We are learning to ground big energies, to be fluid amidst changes, and to communicate in changing situations.
SUN TRINES MARS at 5:59 pm giving us the grounded earth magic we need to manifest the resources and actions the world calls forth from us. We are called to be leaders, creators, actors, builders, and manifesters of the New Golden Age that is still a vision, descending day by day into our world of form. We are the dawn heralders and the trumpets call us to important action today!
MOON SQUARES MARS in Virgo. There is “so much to do and so little time,” is not a constructive belief to move forward with. If we run into challenges with time and space, we can invoke compromises, alchemy and miracles in to unresolved situations.  With this air to earth feeling and action energy, there may be inter-personal struggles to overcome with precise communications skills.
MOON SEXTILES URANUS at 10:42 pm pdt, gifting us with an opportunity for magic. Uranus can magically free us from old limiting beliefs. We can make a rapid awakening shift by opening our perceptual structures, inviting the invisible world to collaborate with us.
Each of us has a personal “invisible world” of ancestors, spirit guides, animal spirits, plant spirits, and a trillion other spirit realm beings around us. There are billions of micro-organisms that make up our bodies. All of these realms are within us, and around us, nourishing and caring for us. The more we honor these realms that uphold us, the more power they have to regenerate us with new consciousness and life!
May our honor for life give our spirit flight on the waxing dark mystery of tonight.