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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Masculine Feminine Corner in Big Water Moon By (NAATOP12) Azlan White- Creator of

MOON in Libra, was FULL yesterday afternoon. This FULL MOON conjuncted constrictive and ‘potentially serious’ SATURN in the middle of the night. Our inner relationship SATURN RETURN is peaking. We are in the last few months of a two year partnership and relationship renovation. This FULL MOON cycle is filling our transformative process with reflective LIGHT.
MOON entered deep feeling Scorpio at 8:17 am pdt, meanwhile this MOON comes to Perigree (closest to earth) at 10:06 am. Our deep emtional waters are nourishing the ground we walk on. MOON TRINES NEPTUNE at 11:53 am pdt and we’re ripe for a spiritual or musical experience. NEPTUNE in Pisces while touching deep water MOON, ushers us to transform the world into more and more sacred beauty for and with each other.  Pisces is capable of elements of beauty and soulful nourishment that are heavenly. NEPTUNE in Pisces could be the river bringing Heaven to Earth and today our personal MOON touches this river.
Deep MOON SEXTILES MARS in practical VIRGO (still RETROGRADING), digging into our history of health and wellbeing, clearing out old patterns, old viruses, and old diagnosis’ that do not serve where we are going. If we have labeled an illness in our minds, that defines our body we may want to consider changing the way we define our body.  We are like the earth–filled with ecosystems and change. We can grow into any kind of body we choose, from this point–we can re-establish the good bacteria in every organ and clear out the bad bacteria and weakened cells. This kind of inner body ecosystem work is SPRINGTIME work. Just like we clean our gardens every spring and replant–we need to do that with the inner garden of our colon and tis the season!
VENUS SQUARES MARS at 4:36 am pdt reminding us that Masculine and Feminine really may be two VERY different points of reference in cousciousness that are weaving together a beautiful tapestry of love. Our radical difference makes us magnetically attractive. Today is a day to honor the diversity between Masculine and Feminine and the magic and alchemy of that difference. VENUS in GEMINI has feminine in light air, with wings. MARS in VIRGO is pedantically retrograding in earth, digging into the past for wisdom to apply to the present.  Just the way deep spring cleaning often unburies lost or hidden treasures, cleaning out the psyche can uncover precious gifts we carry inside, long covered over by cultural conditioning.  The feminine may feel ready to fly and the masculine may be deep in process. We are here for and with each other in spite of our differences. Together, we weave beautiful tapestries of LOVE!
MOON SEXTILES PLUTO at 11:27 pm pdt. Our feelings, our jealousies, our compulsions and wounds, our intestinal callings–they can’t get too much louder than they may be right now as deep Pluto-ruled Scorpio MOON contacts its Planet, PLUTO adding miles of depth and soulfulness to our late Saturday night. All the dark things that crawl under the carpets upon which we float through the world–they are our foundation upon which we walk–they support our light by giving it a dark place upon which to shine.
Like every being, every energy plays a roll in the whole. We can love every part of our psychic and physical being today while we feel it all and allow it all to be transformed in our love and mutual acceptance of each other.
Prayers that our world leaders can also learn to respect and allow for diversity in existence, as that is how it is.