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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Earth to Brain to Heart Reconfiguration by Azlan White

Creator of Starweatherwhale
MERCURY is STATIONARY DIRECT at 3:00 am pdt, with a trickster circles reset button. Why do we go in circles? Well our planet spins in circles for one! Mercury is back in watery Pisces doing deep past-life-digging, working on completing all our karma from many lifetimes all right now.  As Mercury shifts, our minds our shifting, being pressured by the world around us to change. We can consciously choose more grace and rewire for more joy.
MOON in earth Virgo TRINES JUPITER in Taurus at 6:35 pm pdt. We can trust the larger process of life around us, with all of its influences to alchemize us perfectly – into our next heart to mind expansion.
MOON OPPOSES MERCURY late-night for a full communications evening, circling round and round digging up whatever needs digging. We’ve been “worked,” by the retrograde in our own way, pressuring our minds into a new way of communicating.
May our FULL MERCURY tonight allow us to see the inconsistencies between our pure desires and our words and may we only speak that which we wish to create