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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Planet Lilith

written by Melanie Lichtinger

Her mythology dates back to Sumerian and Hebraic tradition.
She was considered the first wife of Adam, his wild and instinctual consort who animated his sexual longings and claimed equality with him, “because we were created from the same earth”. When he wanted to dominate her, she left him and chose loneliness and exile rather than subjugation. As ‘punishment’ for her rebellious act against the masculine, Lilith was regarded as a personification of the ‘feminine evil’, a demoness and ‘vamp’ that attracts and then devours male energy, the raging, ‘out-of- mind’, uncontrollable feminine, uncivilized woman who cohabits with men at her own will. The witch in her role as devil’s consort and the temptress and bitch / prostitute are some of the prominent dark Lilith archetypes and (particularly male) phantasies and projections in our Western societies.  
Psychologically, Lilith brings up deep and primal issues like unbound sexual power, repressed feelings of rejection and rage, and yet refusal to submit. In a ‘Lilith state’, we are very irrational, but sometimes it seems as if that’s what it takes to bring out the truth from underneath. Perimenstrual times can guide us women to Lilith’s realm. I would suggest acknowledging themes that come up, and finding a safe, creative and transformational outlet.  
The association with 'Black Moon' which some astrologers attempt to justify  with calculations round the Moon's shadow in my view has to be regarded symbolically and psychologically: In mythology, Lilith got enraged about the 'diminishment of the Moon', in other words, about the treatment and self understanding of the feminine as secondary and inferior: As 'Moon', lots of women have been (expected to) merely reflecting back the sunlight of the creative, Sun-like masculine. Lilith's causes for claiming equality for the feminine were dual - for herself, and for her 'Moon sisters'. It reminds of feminists who fight also for equality on behalf of their home and family bound woman 'sisters'. Therefore, the 'Black Moon' speaks of the alliance of Lilith and Moon. It is always interesting to consider the relationship between Lilith and the Moon (and also Venus) in one's birth chart, to find out more about the dynamic of the inner 'feminine trinity', in women as well as in men (as their 'animas').
Many traditional men tend to avoid going to these muddy emotional (esp. Lilith and Moon) places; they let women ‘specialize’ on it and rather stay ‘in control’. Thereby, they perpetuate a projection of the demonic dark feminine onto ‘women out there’, while an aspect of their own inner feminine (the ‘anima’ ) cries for acknowledgment and integration. I would like to encourage men to deeply explore what brings out their ‘inner Lilith’.  
© 2002-6 by Melanie Lichtinger