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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Because We believe that everyday of the week is valentine's day -Pleaidians – “Binary Recoding” Channeled by Shariq

Greetings, beloved Humanity.

We are Pleaidian Consciousness transmitting through a frequency and focus that is very aligned with the understandings of the Pleaidian High Council that maps into the Council of 12 that works with your specific sector of the Universe.
We came onValentine’s Day to proclaim, so to speak, an auspicious new set or series or configurations matrixially, so to speak, within the larger multidimensional coordinate system that is potentializing within your holograph, of a turning point, so to speak, as Feburary 15th unfolds that allows for transmissions and redirections of your holograph, in the co-creation of that which has been achieved by lightworkers on your planet, to move directionally in the form of a helix that is very tightly focused on a set of potentials that align matrixially with the alignment into Pleiaidian High Councilary desires for rapid and ease-filled transmissions of fulfillment for all of humanity in a way that does away with the necessity for any of the timelines of difficulty to play out with too much or for too long a period of destruction.

In your timeline of February 15th, which is why we bring this transmission, through our channel, Shariq, this date, February 15th 2012, aligns with a binary star cluster formation within the Pleaides that is being renewed at this time that works under the auspices of both of our star systems of Alcyon and Electra, but works within their possibilities to seed in binary code formation, that which is a new set of potentials aligning with, in our specific rebirthing in our cluster, that which is an opportunity to redirect your particular planet’s progression through the matrixial alignments into new possibilities, very much ease-filled, very much aligned with rapid movements into the ascension for all, and, in this, creating the possibilities for rapid changes in your world.
And, these changes, depending on how you view them, can be seen as alarming or not. But they are meant to rapidly now change that which is not in alignment, that which does not fit anymore in the discoveries of the truth of the Self and of the co-creative aspects of community, as they re- anchor into the collective understanding of the Unity Consciosness that is upon you, beloved ones.

The aspects of self-discovery that the binary star system that is being rebirthed in Pleaides and can transmit matrixially, under the auspices of Alcyon and Electra, to your planet Earth, that allows for these new timelines to rapidly manifest, in ease-filled transitions, have to do with specific forms of knowledge systems that are very uniquely tuned and focused to your bodies’ and vehicles’ Adam Kadmon potentials to remember the knowledge streams, of that which is the infinite abilities and capabilities of the Self, very much aligned with Soul understandings.And this will be made available in rapid transformations to mass consciousness, more rapidly than can be envisioned in your current understandings.
These discovery portals and potentials allow for the reconfiguration of mass consciousness so that that which was discovered before in the dualities of competition, hegemony, and conquest, for example in the European discovery of the Americas, and the ensuing battles and conquests, and territorial expansions, or in other aspects of territorial land warfares that are potentializing in your world at this point, and also the sense of the discoveries of the separation of nations, of states, and the creation of boundaries.
All of these discoveries of duality are being reconfigured in the mass consciousness with these matrixial alignments and transmissions that are beginning and being pulsated through our star system, through your Sun, to you in ways that will allow for the fine-tuning and focusing of your potentials for 2012 to be more in alignment with a group, humanity-wide co-creation of change that is astoundingly quick.
For, in these transmission points, those who are asleep, those who are still fighting for their limitations, those who are still astoundingly mired in the illusions, they will find their blinders are simply falling off, as clothes that no longer fit.

For the new garments that these alignments bring that we recollect for you in linear time, in the illusion of linear time, across the possibilities of aligning in simultaneous time, through these matrixial alignments, allow for the binary star formation to recode your holograph, so to speak in new binary codes of re-understanding that, indeed, the ones and the zeros are creating an illusion, which is being re-programmed at this time into an ease-filled delivery system and mechanism for re-understanding the Self, the vehicle of higher potentials and knowledge streams within that which is the Universal knowledge of the Soul, as it reconnects with each and every living soul in human form on your planet.
We bring this transmission forward today to allow you, in our energetics, to tune into the higher potentials and to understand what will begin to unfold on your planet, as the system and mechanism of re-organizing into the highest potentials.
And so the accelerated changes are very much part of the highest unfoldings.
If you can hold onto this, and claim this, your own knowledge streams re-direct, re-organize, into new discoveries of the Self, the Self that is expansive and wide, where no longer is there conquest and territorial grabs and fighting for land and for borders.
Instead, you will find the collective, the humanity collective, saying: “This does no longer work for me. I wish to change this. I no longer wish to fight with my brother across that imaginary line. I no longer wish to take something from someone else for I believe it is finite.” For, indeed, the infinities will be well seen.
And although these words might sound fantastic at this time in your illusionary linear time, at this point, as a Valentine’s gift for you, we re-direct you into what is unfolding as early as tomorrow in your linear time.

Of course this is an unfoldment, which can take many possibilities, but we are focusing the potentials now more directly into alignment with the directives of the Council of 12, and the highest evolutionary potentials for all on your planet.
Beloved ones, know that you are much loved, and are moving rapidly now through times of transformation that allow for the self-discovery of the divine love within, the Christed love that is your true nature, to burst forth in most magnificent and glorious arrays of divinity that like bouquets of flowers, will brings smiles to everyone around, for the beauty within will re-cognize into the alignments of Source.
And so it is, we will also add, as we now withdraw with this transmission, that the alignments of this binary star system, that is being rebirthed in the Pleaides, has a C-Alpha-Omega spin to it, in our vocabulary, that allows for a tuning frequency of alignment of humanity’s ability to tune into the cosmos and the Universal Mind through the pineal gland for all in the mass consciousness, to shift rapidly and radically, building upon all the work that has been done by lightworkers across your planet.
What this means is that many will start seeing more quite quickly and hearing voices of their guides, and will need advice and guidance.
Know this is coming. It is around the corner, sooner than you expect. And this is indeed the self-discovery of the divinity that is Unity Consciousness.
Beloved ones, feel our love for you.
Know that you are most guided, and are being prepared for the unfoldments that will be quite divine, love-filled and quite astounding in how they reveal to humanity the truth of all there is.
And in this truth will come the revelation and the revealing of the discoveries of love for all. Blessings. We are the Pleaidian frequencies aligned with the aspects of the Council of 12.
© 2012 Shariq