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Sunday, April 22, 2012

AMAZING VIDEO!!!!! MUST SEE- Stepping into Freedom - by Ekara -

#FORCEOFNATURE!We Love you forever and ever! Amen
When you first came to Lemuria, in its original liquid state millions of years ago, and you started separating your senses so you could better understand the creation surrounding you in this field of experience, you still carried all frequencies in each of your senses and you still do today.

Yet, what is different today is that you live a life of limiting yourself more and more every day because of conscious and subconscious fears, ideas of separation and circumstances specifically designed to move you out of the way as a conscious creator. This way, you have slowly but surely forgotten that you are a being of 144 frequencies. It's your inability to work with the coding of this holographic reality through your numbed senses (i.e. your software) that locks you in place, effectively trapping you.

It's that simple, and because it is, so will be the solution. This is what I, Ekara, am here to show you and will continue to show you in times to come, both on a theoretical and a practical level.