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Friday, April 20, 2012


Crocodiles, alligators and caiman's are all similar to each other, so this page combines the three, and addresses caiman, as well as symbolic alligator meaning and crocodile meaning together. Alligators and crocodiles are in the same family and their main differences lie in their color, their habitats, the location of their teeth, and the shapes of their jaws. These differences should be keenly noted in your totemic observations. The differences that stand out will be the traits to pay attention to, as these outstanding features will lend meaning to these creature's messages.
These steely-eyed prehistoric predators hold ancient associations with many cultures. The word crocodile is from the Greek word, kroko deilos, which in some translations means, "pebble man," referring to the animals' scaly exterior. The term may also allude to the croc's "water dance," which is an event produced by male croc's seeking to woo their mates. They emit low vibration groans while attracting a mate. The vibration of their mating calls makes the water dance upon their scaly backs. The end effect of this water dance looks and sounds like pebbles dancing on the water's surface. This speaks to me about the importance of being creative when calling new partnerships to us. It also reminds me of rhythm. That pebble-bouncing of water droplets is a audio-rhythm of delight, a shimmering cascade for the ears. It talks about using all of our skills to attract the right people into our lives, unorthodox methods are sometimes the best way to forge connections/relationships.