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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012: The Event Horizon Awaits - Gaia (Pepper Lewis)

The world that you have known, for better and worse, now prepares to yield to the next as the spacetime boundaries of this world are near bursting. The horizon that you see or imagine is flexible and can easily bend, much as you imagine light can bend and reshape itself as it is cast as a singular beam or dispersed as a wide spectrum. The reshaping of light creates an event horizon, which is simply the point of no return; the tipping point at which mass consciousness yields and makes the impossible possible. Currently, humanity is on the observer’s side of the horizon so it cannot see itself traveling at light speed as it prepares to intercept the event, or next horizon. In other words, light cannot watch itself travel at light speed without slowing down to do so. However, as time continues to both accelerate and elapse, it will pass through the horizon itself, creating an event and a new reality all at once!

This is the way of nature, and every season and sentient thing inevitably responds to that which has sacrificed itself in service to nature. True sacrifice is not an expression of martyrdom and does not imply death or loss. Sacrifice, in its most sacred sense, implies the desire and experience to forgo something of great value in favor of something that is even grander. It is to bequeath a treasure unto the hands of fate and to trust that fate is both kind and just. Would you place the keys to a one-of-a-kind racecar in the hands of an infant? Most likely not, yet that is exactly what the earth does at the beginning of every age, and then it [Gaia] trusts and waits to see what and who returns at the end of that age, and what experiences were gathered in the process.

In this message I will outline a few key points for you to consider, adding the details that are deemed helpful. Know that the details will never seem to be enough. From your vantage point you cannot see far enough down the road. You are hungry and thirsty for new experiences and dry and parched from exerting yourselves these last few years. I will speak to this and more. Be patient and willing to learn. Open your hearts and minds even more than you already have, know peace within even when unrest rules without.

New endings, new beginnings

Look around you. What do you see? Endings and beginnings? Transformation and transition? Do you feel itchy and scratchy all over as you wonder what will happen next? Good! This means that you are alive, awake and in no immediate danger of falling asleep! Sleep is a great temptation for many now. These are challenging times and they require your complete attention. The tendency at this point is to think about how far you have come, and a further risk is to compare yourself to others. The temptation is to wait for your friends and family to ‘get with it’ and your foes to ‘get it’. In the meantime, ‘it’ will dissolve before your very eyes. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? It is most appropriate now.

Remain vigilant in the expression of your truth and humble in your walk. Be open in your stance, and true to your heart, as every moment matters. As you continue onward you will want to access past experiences and life lessons, as well as every bit of knowledge gained thus far; begin to remember all things earned and learned. Set aside the things and thoughts that weigh upon your ability to take a step forward. Be on the lookout for errant thoughts that suggest or deny your right to be whom and what you are. Remember those things that you have studied, particularly the ones that have been validated by your personal experience. Be willing to administer an antidote to apathy when and if needed, regardless of what that antidote may be. Open your mind and heart to what you know is true and possible versus what you have believed under the suggestive influence of others. These words are designed to get your attention and to keep it.

Have you read the headlines in the morning papers or on your computer or your television? Where do your thoughts go when you follow them? How easily and quickly can you retrieve (or extract) your own thoughts when they seem to get away from you? Imagine for a moment that the front page of a newspaper or website is divided into a grid, much like a chessboard with light and dark squares. Given this scenario, there should be an equal number of dark and light squares for your eyes or imagination to “land” on. Why then, is it so rare for you to actually land on a lighter piece of news? Allow me to suggest that what you call news is actually coated with a filter that prevents you from seeing its lighter side, forcing you to navigate the grid at a pace and direction that has already been plotted for you. In other words, you cannot help but land on a dark square. Unconsciously you follow a course that borders on light, thinking you are moving in that direction yet unable to complete the maneuver. The lighter squares are there and are in fact equal to dark, but you cannot see them because they are transparent and therefore unavailable to you.

The newspaper example is an illustration of the reality that you share with others now. This has little to do with how intelligent, creative or gifted you are, how long you have been upon the planet, how many lifetimes you have had, how intuitive you may or whether or not you are an old soul. It is an optical illusion, caused by the distortion of light as it is applied to alternate layers and dimensions. Optical illusions affect more than your eyesight, they cause some things to appear to be real and others to be a figment of your imagination. This is a phenomenon of your time. Your eyes cannot help but deceive you, and the deception is both deep and intrusive. Does this mean that you should avoid newspapers, websites and other media? No, not at all – but notice how easily paralysis of the senses sets in so that you can organize an internal schematic by which you can free yourself from the mirage of unconsciousness.

The creative process

When a cell separates or divides it creates two identical sets of information, and each receives roughly the same (but not equal) share of material. The sequence is divided into stages and defined by specific activities. The process itself is fast, complex and beautiful to behold. Worlds are created in much the same way. For instance, each world might receive an identical set of information arranged in a different way. Within each world realities (much like cells) appear and almost immediately begin the process of dividing and creating. Most of the time this process is perfect and flawless, however errors can occur, and when they do mutations can arise. Mutations where worlds and realities are concerned are associated with anomalies and warps in how light and time are expressed. In their own way they are perfect and useful. Consider, for instance, how a flat tire may delay you from arriving in time to board a plane that is destined for engine trouble.

Should you forget everything else, remember this: There is one earth, but more than one world dwells upon (and within) it and several realities share its resources. At unique and specific junctures in time, anomalies and mutations create favorable circumstances and possibilities for evolution to “jump” from one reality to another. Moments such as these are not unique and can happen more than once in any given age. This is offered in contrast to other messages and doctrines you have been exposed to. Do not limit ideas or exclude possibilities and your experiences will benefit.

The year of “Unmaking”

The kind of year you can expect in 2012 depends largely upon how attached you are to a life or lifestyle, a belief or a pattern, as well as to people, places and things. It is a year of ‘unmaking’ or ‘undoing’, but this cannot be imposed or foisted upon those who resist, as the law of free will is greater than the ability of a reality to unmake itself. In other words, if you strongly believe that you are made of solid or dense material, your thoughts will not unmake themselves simply because the year includes lighter energies and newer possibilities. Be flexible in all things and do not be as concerned with what will happen so much as with what is possible when light bends and realities shift.

The best way to do this is to imagine yourself becoming your thoughts. For instance, if your thoughts turn toward the idea of a new economy, you will become those thoughts and light will bend toward you rather than away from you. This is one of many examples. You are already familiar with the Law of Attraction but you have not seen it applied in its multiple and varied forms yet. It was introduced to you in a simplified version and now that its seed has been planted it can flourish, but you can help it to do so by exciting your thoughts so that they will vibrate at a higher rate.

Bear in mind that leaps in consciousness are sometimes accompanied by lapses in judgment, which can work for or against a moment. It is part of the process and it would be best to accept this in yourself and in others whenever possible, at least for the time being. Consistency in some or most areas of life should not be expected now, and you will have a better time attempting to tame chaos instead. This does not mean that you cannot think, imagine or dream about the things that will bring you happiness, as they are more accessible now than at any other time, but the path and the timing by which they might arrive may be altogether different than any plan that worked for you in the past.
                                           A moment out of time
2012 does not belong to this world or to the next. To some extent the entire year will seem somewhat surreal, as if it is out of step with time, and you may feel this way too. There is no ‘normal’ this year, not even a ‘new normal’. Tempers will be short and will flare unexpectedly, for reasons both known and unknown. It would be best to remember this now, so that you will remember to forgive and forget easily. Do not begrudge others the consideration that you would like to receive when your next less than shining moment presents itself, and undoubtedly it will. Why will tempers be short? Because a process that can best be described as the ‘unbuckling’ of your thought processes will be active for the majority of the year. Your mind believes that it is you and that it lives in the here and now, but in truth it does not live here or now, it exists as an idea or a concept in the foreground of a reality that you have chosen. You are now choosing a differently reality, albeit one that you have not seen and cannot describe yet. This means that to a large extent, your thoughts will be untethered and ungrounded this year. They belong to you, but which version of you is the thinker of the thoughts? The disparity between here and there and now and then will feel a little more pronounced. The effect of this will feel irritable to the older version of you, but exciting to your newer aspects. Be patient as these changes begin to take place.

You may wish to make duplicate and even triplicate copies of important documents and items this year, such as keys, as these may become misplaced and even lost, more than once. Why? When realities shift, the things and thoughts associated with them also shift, sometimes even before you do! This is especially true of things that open and close, first things and last thoughts, and even things that are yours by association, such as heirlooms. Questionable items, such as things that you share in common with others also fall into this category, as do items that you are not certain what to do with. The operating concept here is a little like a game you call Musical Chairs, where every time the music stops, a chair (or something else) is removed. In this example, things that are unnecessary or redundant may disappear or be relocated. The same is true of memories that remain unattached because you have not taken ownership of them. As was said earlier, this can also work in your favor. It is also worth noting that you may feel a sense of loneliness or loss at times of the year, as well as an increased vulnerability to changes in weather, specific sights and sounds, and other “trigger” sensations. This is due to anomalies in the electro-magnetic field that surrounds your body as compared with the earth. You may feel as if you have become separated from others, as if they have moved ahead of you, or beyond your ability to understand them.

Again, remember that these anomalies are an important part of the process and designed to lead you into and through one or more of dimensional doorways. The process is ageless and timeless. It is more pronounced when the variables of life appear to be unstable. Life has a certain “glue” that seems to hold things together and helps make sense of the reality you live in. This is most true when there is agreement and consistency for the thoughts and things that you can count on, such as knowing that the sky will more than likely be blue today, tomorrow, the next day and into the foreseeable future. When the future cannot accurately be foreseen, the glue, which is largely made up of filaments and particles of light, travels at different speeds, in different directions, and to new locations. As you are made of these light filaments it is appropriate to say that you will be doing the same.

You have been speeding faster and faster these last few years, and it is possible that you have felt out of control at least once. You do not see your physical bodies as racecars, but the metaphor is accurate, because your bodies are vehicles that are capable of accelerating to light speed as long as they are directed to do so by your soul’s awareness and your own capacity to expand quickly. The process will slow just a bit at the beginning of the year and only for a little while, just long enough for you to discover the signposts that will show you how and when to transition into the next age that already waits. The why, where and with whom, are what you must determine for yourselves, with guidance from within and beyond, as always. Each moment between now and then matters and is filled with vital information that you can use to determine what is right for you and next for you. As always, you can count on Gaia’s support, which includes the kingdoms and elements of the earth, their acumen of wisdom, and a future that is colorful and bright, and filled with intelligence, love and compassion.