Monday, March 26, 2012

Singularity, Dualityy, Triality

Singularity is the single reality of Oneness and the state of everything existing in the Realm of Infinite and Eternal Continuity.
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and Twoness came into being out of the Oneness of All That Is.
Twoness is duality, an abbreviation of dual reality,or the opposing states of relative opposites.
The Earth is a three dimensional, physical, world created as a contextual field in which to experience all aspects of non-divinity or twoness, called duality.
The existence of both twoness and Oneness gave rise to the possibility of threeness.
Threeness or Triality, short for Triune Reality, or the reality of the Trinity, has no opposing states of Being. It exists without conflict or opposition in a state of harmony, balance and calm called Peace.
Absolute Peace, calm, balance and harmony, often referred to as Heaven, is the Gap in Space outside of all states of dual reality, that unifies and edifies all relative states of Being.
Whereas the Holy Trinity of the Triality of Threeness is the ultimate reality in a three dimensional universe, twoness allows reality to change through individual choice.
Singularity has one choice, which is no choice.
Duality has two choices, which allows choice.
Triality allows us to be in a Divine State of Being At Choice.