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Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012 – Mercury Retrograde and Solar Power

MERCURY stationed last night just after Midnight, PDT, to go RETROGRADE for a three week initiatory passage in self, communicating self to others, and refining our unique gifts that we share with the world.  When MERCURY is RETROGRADE, it creates an energetic fabric of life that seems to alchemize us, through glitches, miscommunications, paradoxes, or mix-ups. These small and yet often frustrating events really are our medicine. We may think life is all about sending faxes and getting to appointments on time, but Spirit sometimes would like us to stop all that and relax for a moment. Sometimes we are not  paying attention and life is just flying by and when Mercury Retrogrades, life says to us, wait a minute, life does not always move forward, sometimes it goes backward–and for good reason, because we need a chance to review, to reconnect, to re-negotiate, renew, revitalize, recheck, revisit, rebirth, or renovate the way we are functioning. If a limitation arises in the next three weeks, its a good idea to “tune in,” and listen more deeply, to what the universe is actually saying. “Slow Down,” perhaps or, “What are you REALLY DOING?”
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