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Friday, March 16, 2012

DNA Activation, Brain Repatterning & Clearing by selecia & Council of 12

The increasing interest in DNA on your planet for the past several years is a trend that will continue as humans unlock more of the secrets of their Divine blueprint. It is now time to know more about your real makeup, and to have the ability to shift your states of consciousness more quickly.
A growing number of people have become aware of processes to shift the DNA energetically. The DNA activation and clearing process pioneered by Vianna Stibel, and now offered by Selacia and others trained by Vianna, is among the optimal approaches.  This is because it vibrates with the new millennium energies and is spirit-driven.  These DNA activations and clearings represent true change for the human condition. 
Jan, Keth and DrLight all work together with their Spiritual Divine Tune-Up Team and offer an especially unique and effective approach to these Advanced DNA Activations and Clearings.  Scientists now know that ourDNA emits a certain level of light and believe that the body's biofeedback system depends on Lightwaves.  Light is responsible for the photo-repair of body cells and when we are ill, our light waves are out of synch.
DNA Activation by Keth Luke

In the short term, the interest in DNA will come mostly from scientists and people on an accelerated spiritual path. As more is discovered about how the DNA works, there will be tangible evidence of the potential to shift DNA and long-established patterns and beliefs. When this occurs, the interest in DNA will move to a more mainstream level.
Now, in these accelerated times of the 21st Century, this "new" energetic DNA work can benefit many people. We say "new," since although it is a new modality, it is not really a new concept. It is an example of ancient wisdom made relevant and applicable to modern day times.
The other difference lies in the consciousness of those who will work with it in these times.  Most (not all) of those now attracted to work with the DNA have been a part of earlier experiments and shifting of DNA during Earth's earlier history.
Those of you drawn to these words have agreed before incarnating to view the DNA work as sacred. If you feel fearful that mistakes will be made by humans with the DNA work again, remind yourself of the decision you and others like you made before coming to Earth this time. To be sure, there was much potential in earlier times for using the DNA work for negativity and ego-based desires. The spiritual hierarchy and the watchers do not plan to allow this to repeat itself.
As part of our meditation this evening, we will invite each of you to explore something from your past involving your earlier connections with the DNA work. If you are reading these words at another time, you may want to take a moment now to go within your own heart center and connect with your Higher Self so that this information can be revealed to you.

Among the potential past life connections with DNA work you may discover:
  1. Perhaps in a past life you were involved in a previous human attempt regarding ascension, and you or others around you were unable to pull it off successfully. If this is the case, it is possible the experience left you feeling that you would always be unsuccessful in liberating yourself from the density of the Earth experience.
  2. Perhaps in a past life you witnessed or were involved with human alterations of the DNA, an experience that left you with a negative feeling about what is now occurring on the planet with DNA research.
  3. Perhaps you are simply tuning into something in the mass consciousness about the earlier tampering with DNA, and this makes you wary of any modern day DNA work.
Keth Luke Healer and DNA ActivatorNo matter what kind of past experience you have had with DNA, there is the potential that this experience led you to develop beliefs that no longer serve you today. If you sense that this is the case for you, we invite you to offer these beliefs up to spirit so that they can be alchemized for your highest good.
Allow spirit to reveal to you the appropriate way for you to personally view today's developments in DNA research, activations and clearings. With your own updated perspective in place, you will be optimally positioned to benefit from the current and future DNA offerings.
To be sure, there are many differences between the DNA work of your ancient times and the present. However, the main difference between the two times is your awareness and the focus on spirit when the work is done. When spirit is an integral part of the process, the work is transformed and held in the energy of the Divine.
Those of you with a desire to know about the DNA processes are the pioneers. If you feel a calling to experience the benefits of the DNA work, either for yourself and/or to help others, we suggest that you listen to that calling. By working with it on a personal level, you may later decide to work with it on behalf of others.
We recommend that each person considering DNA work begin with the Activation. If you have already been activated, you will want to consider a series of DNA Repatternings and Clearings. The number and frequency will be individual.
Since each of the sessions is guided by spirit, the most appropriate issue will surface. It may not be the issue you expected. We see underneath and beyond the issues you are aware of. We know the most appropriate time to instigate a healing of a past life experience, being able to see the impact of this on your present and future. You may inquire about a specific issue that we understand cannot be resolved until other related issues are first dealt with.
You may feel a need to drink more water or to detoxify the body as a result of this work. We recommend that you explore gentle ways to do this. This detoxifying will be a key factor in your body being able to handle energy shifts of the coming time period.
As an aid to your process, we have selected certain crystals to work with you. These crystals are each individually charged with our energies are programmed to help you with your DNA work. They will assist you in integrating the activation and clearings and will also speed your overall process. You may be guided to select one of these crystals to be your DNA crystal. This crystal can accompany you throughout the process. You may want to hold this crystal or place it nearby as you do your own sessions. The crystal will also "remember" the information from your DNA processes. These Divine crystals have agreed to work with you in this way.
We send our love to each one of you this day.  We are The Council of 12

Description of DNA

DNA is also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, pronounced dee-ox-ee-rye-bo-noo-clay-ic acid. It is a large molecule, shaped like a double helix and found primarily in the chromosomes of the cell nucleus.
The DNA contains the genetic information of the cell.
The DNA forms a double helix, two elongated molecular chains (like staircases) that wrap around each other.
Our genetic code consists of approximately 3 billion letters that make up the instructions for all human genes. While this code varies among individual humans by only about 1%, these variations are a key factor in understanding what makes us susceptible to disease and what determines our lifespan and how we age.
The sections of DNA called genes instruct our cells to make proteins, which perform all of the body’s essential tasks, like breathing, and determine physical features, such as hair color. There are approximately 100,000 genes residing within each double helix of DNA.
DNA tells our cells what they have been, what they will continue to be, and what they will become.
The DNA is the blueprint for our life processes. Each cell of our bodies contains the complete genetic code for the whole body.
Human DNA is generally divided into 46 chromosomes (we pairs), each one containing characteristic genes that distinguish one chromosome from another. Derived from the Greek words "Chromo" for color and "Soma" for body, they are intensely colored bodies in our cells. One member of each pair comes from the mother through the egg and one member of each pair comes from the father through the sperm.
Human DNA is about 3 billion "base" pairs long. If you stretched the human chromosome out end-to-end, it would be about 6 feet. All 46 chromosomes are folded into a space of a few thousandths of a millimeter (super coil).

DNA Activation Photon Illustration BallWhy We Care About DNA

Until 2000, human genetic scientists labeled most of our DNA as "junk," for they did not understand its function. With the announcement in June 2000 of the Human Genome Project, the scientists have decoded our human blueprint. However, it will be quite some time before this decoding means that we see a measurable impact in our quality of life.
Many conditions–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual–are so deeply rooted within us that other methods simply chip away at them. The DNA repatterning and clearing has the potential to go beyond the frontiers of other modern day techniques.Transforming the DNA back into its Divine blueprint can impact our physical health and longevity. It is believed, for example, that long ago we had a chemical (Chondriana) in our bodies that allowed us to have a higher resistance to sickness.
According to recent university studies, one of which was outlined in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, doctors have discovered that some children born with AIDS have a different kind of DNA than the rest of us. They found, for example, that these children had become immune to the AIDS virus and had no signs of it within their bodies.
How can this be? The reason university doctors offered: most humans have 64 codons* in their DNA, but typically only 20 of these are "turned on." The rest of them are inert or not working, except for 3, which are the start and stop programs. The young children studied had 24 codons turned on, meaning that they had a way to mutate which made them immune to AIDS. According to Melchizedek, UCLA now believes that 1% of the world has made the change of having the additional codons functioning.
*Codons are a sequence of DNA activated for expression. The codons give instruction to the cell chemistry (memory). They also manufacture proteins.
It is believed that the true nature of our DNA is 12-stranded, not 2-stranded. Each of us has a 2-stranded double helix. Not as obvious is that we also have, in virtual form, 5 additional double helices awaiting to unfold and take their place by super-positioning themselves above our existing, physical DNA, thus yielding 6 double helices or 12-stranded DNA.

This DNA Activation process involves an activation of the remaining 10 strands of DNA so that all 12 strands are fully functioning as the Divine/Source intended.
Many believe that humans at one time were operating on all 12 strands, and that it was a misuse of power that caused the current level of functioning. It is also widely believed that as part of our current ascension process, the activation will naturally occur in the human body within 10 or 20 years from now.
Many dedicated luminaries are guided to accelerate their process now.
In an Activation of the DNA, the practioner moves into a theta consciousness state and asks the Divine/Source to Activate the Strands. This activation is typically the initial Session in the DNA work.  As part of the process, the following is activated: the Youth and Vitality Chromosome and the 10 additional strands of DNA.
When you have your Activation, you will also receive a DNA Clearing of any issue, which arises for resolution during the activation process. At the end of your Session, you may want to remain in a quiet state for a few minutes.  It is also recommended that you drink lots of water.  You may want to record your experiences of the Activation, beginning a journal that day and adding to it in the subsequent months.  Consider a grounding exercise before you shift your focus to other things

 Scientists now know that our DNA emits a certain level of light and believe that the body's biofeedback system depends on lightwaves.  Light is responsible for the photorepair of body cells and when we are ill, our light waves are out of synch.  Keth and Team work with many types of Light, Sound and many Energies.

DNA Awakening Time and Healing by Keth

How DNA Activation & Repatternings/ Clearings Can Quicken Evolutionary Progress & Change Your Life

An Activation of your DNA and Subsequent DNA Clearings and Repatternings can quicken your evolutionary progress.  The impact of the activation is typically felt over an extended period, although some people begin to feel its effects almost immediately. The following are among the benefits having been reported by recipients of the DNA work:

  • Activation quickens subsequent DNA repatternings and clearings
  • Increased ability to access sacred knowledge and open to inner gifts of knowing, seeing and hearing
  • More awareness and expanded consciousness
  • Expanded ability to move into unconditional love
  • Body that feels and looks younger
  • More desire to ingest healthy foods and a focus of keeping the body a sacred vehicle
  • Increased self trust
  • Improved eyesight
  • Detoxification at physical and emotional levels
  • Increased energy level
  • Improved memory
  • Increased sense of vitality and zest for life
  • Sharpened intuition
  • Increased hair growth
  • A slight cleansing (tiredness, headache, colds, emotional releasing) as long-buried issues rise to the surface for release
  • Increased inner peace and calmness
  • More connection to spirit and the spirit realms
  • Better understanding of one’s path in life
  • Clearing of limiting beliefs and patterns, some held for lifetimes
  • Shifting out of fear and doubt
  • Deep emotional releases and clearer insights about people and situations
  • Resolution of relationship difficulties
  • Increased ability to come from the heart, to love self and others
  • Detoxification at physical and emotional levels
  • More sense of control of one’s own healing process by taking an active part in the DNA work
  • Increased understanding of one’s history/past lives and the impact of this past history on the present
  • Ability to more easily let go of painful patterns 
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