Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Dragon King’s Daughter

Of all Shakyamuni’s teachings, in the Lotus Sutra do women attain enlightenment. Shakyamuni challenges our misconception that time is needed to attain enlightenment. He also challenges us to realize that enlightened life exists not just in old learned men, but in the very young as well. That’s why there is no distinction among believers. 

The Dragon King’s Daughter is:
not fully human
she attained enlightenment in an instant

Enlightenment is a state of life that is even difficult for Buddhas to fully comprehend. Yet, this state of life is available to us at every moment. The Dragon King’s Daughter represents attaining that enlightenment at this moment and then perceiving our life from this state. We use this wisdom available to us to constantly move our lives in a positive and happy direction