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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

YOUR questions! OUR answers!


Are drag-queens and transgender people the same? #NO

Can a lesbian be funny? #YES

Can a gay man raise a child? #YES

      Are human beings bisexual? #YES

Will Barack Obama be re-elected for a second term? #YES

Is Madonna the Queen of Pop? #YES

Is Michael Jackson the King of Pop? #YES

Is Elvis the King of Rock N Roll? #YES

Do Aliens Exist? #YES

Will the world end during the winter solstice of Dec. 21 2012 like the Mayans predicted? # NO

Did the Mayan's cut out people's hearts? #YES

Is there are such thing as reincarnation? #YES

Do scientist have all the answers? #NO

Does a rock have intelligence? #YES

More later...