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Monday, February 27, 2012

Healing Magic Between Worlds: Star Weather Whale by Azlan White

MOON in Taurus SEXTILES MERCURY this morning at 11:46 am, pst, for a morning active with communications! Mercury is in dreamy Pisces, grounding into solid Taurian earth. MOON goes into the VOID after this, for the rest of the day, sending us into a day that may feel “between the worlds.” Sometimes this is slippery for accomplishment and real world traction. Void of course periods are good times for meditation and spiritual work.
During this VOID period today, CHIRON, our instigator of deep healing of old wounds, comes closest to earth today.  Chiron is hanging in the sky near Neptune in Pisces, healing the waters, healing our emotional waters and the places in us that long for things. Chiron is here today to remind us that dreams really do come true. We can be fulfilled in areas where we may have almost given up hope.
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