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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Big Bang is Holographic Projection of Universe

The Big Bang is the theory about how the physical universe began. It is assumed that in the beginning, all matter in the universe was compacted to a very dense point in spacetime known as a singularity. When the extreme mass of intense gravitational pressure could no longer contain itself, it exploded and released itself in all directions, thus causing what we define as the Big Bang. Scientist do not know where the singularity come from, but the truth about the Big Bang is different from what they think.
The Big Bang is the beginning of the universe, and prior to that moment, there was nothing. The big bang theory is an effort to explain what happened during and after that moment. After the Big Bang occurred, the collective mass was said to have spread far and wide as spacetime stretched outwards pushing the boundaries of the universe. The movement of the expansion was extremely quick at first but gradually slowed down over time as the collective mass became less dense.
The mass was intensely hot at first and so it existed in a highly energetic state. As the mass moved further apart, it cooled down and formed galaxies, clusters, stars and solar systems. Somehow it had so incredibly managed to arranged its particles with such mathematical perfection and symmetry to form coherent designs, shapes and patterns of bodies and objects. The probability of such scenarios happening is extremely low but somehow everything fell into place as if by an extreme act of chance.
We could accept such a theory because it seems to make sense about how the universe began and fell into place, but yet it doesn’t answer many questions about it. The Big Bang theory is incomplete. Scientist are not exactly wrong about how the universe began, they are very close to the truth. All that is needed is just some refinements to the theory and the explanation for the beginning of the universe would be perfect. The universe did begin with a Big Bang but it is slightly different from the original theory.
Before the beginning of the physical universe, spacetime as we know it, did not exist.There was no point in space and time to begin with, and therefore no singularity of infinite density. Physicality was only an idea in the mind of love  God or consciousness itself.There is a higher dimension that reality existed in which the structure of normal spacetime did not apply. That higher dimension operated at a higher frequency and its structure was very malleable. Space was fluidic and time was nonlinear.

God love or infinite intelligence had an idea of a universe which structure was more fixed and consistent then the malleable one. He desired to express it into experience and therefore decided to form a lower dimension and create physical spacetime. In order for that to happen, a portal had to be opened from the higher dimension to link the energies into the new dimension which was to be formed below it. A virtual black hole was opened in that dimension and God love created the physical universe through it.

Everything in the higher dimension was actually made of thought wave. It was a mental universe where everything was constructed purely of mind stuff which is consciousness. When God love opened a portal in the mental universe to create physicality, he transformed the vibrations of thought wave into a lower state. Non physical thought wave was shifted into the frequency of physical light. That was the very first thing that God love created in the making of physicality and a lower dimension.

The formation of physical light was the beginning of physicality itself as a portion of the mental plane was pulled together from being non dimensional to being one dimensional in physical terms. The single dimension of physicality was the singularity of physical light. This light was so intense and of such great magnitude as it contained all the light of the physical universe within itself. The light projected forth from that single point and thus turning one dimension into three dimensions.
The entire physical universe is a holographic projection of light from a single point out of nowhere that became everywhere. A hologram is created by the merging of two perpendicular laser beams with an image on a photographic plate and projecting it outwards as a three dimensional form of light. Physical matter is made of electron with its antimatter counterpart known as the positron. The electron-positron pair are formed from the merging of two photons or light particles
As the physical light flooded outwards from the original point, it shifted into lower states of vibration. Light condensed into plasma which formed the stars and the nebulas. Some of the plasma condensed into gas which formed the pockets of atmospheric conditions. Some of the gases condensed into liquid which formed the fluidic substances. Some of the liquid condensed into solid which formed the planets and asteroids. This process was how the physical universe came into being.

Every step of the way, infinite intelligence was at work in doing the projection and formation of light into other states of matter and arranged into intelligent and purposeful designs. None of the process happened by chance but every part of it was guided and directed by pure intent of the universal mind. This understanding of the Big Bang is how God Love created the universe. This is the way of the mental dimension turning into the physical dimension and consciousness expressing itself into physicality.