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Monday, January 30, 2012


Lord Krishna,the Cow Protector - Story -17

Lord Sri Krishna is the world lover and well wisher. He is the caretaker of cows and ascetic Brahmans too. Because he is the protector and constantly trying for betterment of Cows, Hermits, and the world he is also known as the Brahmanya-Dev. If there is no bull then there will be no barley grains nor sesame seeds and twigs, essential ingredients needed for the hawan (fire ceremony known as yajna). If there are no cows then where will the ghee, milk come from which are needed for the sacred purifying ritual? The holy scriptures didn’t pronounce the name of the Brahmins first but of the Cows. 
The body of a cow is for all good purpose and divine services only. Cows are mothers. Mother’s roles and status are superior than that of a father or hermits. Even a father would bow down to an ascetic son who is leading a hermit life. We bow down our head to the feet of the Lord by surrendering everything that we have. Radha-Krishna, Sita-Rama, Gouri-Shankar are examples where motherly values and rights are regarded superior and pronounced in the beginning. Mother cow is the most reverent one. Learned ascetic saints would not bow down to anyone or not but they always pay respect to cows. The question may arise as who is superior the holy reverent hermits or the cows? Cows are always considered higher in ranks. Even while getting slaughtered, cows are leading the way and soon after which ascetic saints are being slowly crucified. Cows are special piece of an art, an impressive icon, a symbol of serenity and reverence. Sri Krishna Gopal is the Lord himself. 
He grazed cows on bare feet. People may or not consider him as their Lord but when he was born inside the jail, all the chained padlocks were automatically opened and the mountain rivers aroused. Krishna did so many extraordinary things that regular people couldn’t perform.
Once his mother Yashoda told her that he got a big wound from a thorn in his feet and she would request a shoes from Mathura.“Unless you bring shoes for all of these cows and make them wear, I am not going to wear them alone”, replied Krishna. He extremely loved cows. Such a pleasant and loving personality of Shyam-Sundar but surprisingly the very reverent child was born inside a jail. That is the reason why holy ascetic saints also time to time visit and pay homage to the birthplace of the Lord. If the devotees of Lord Rama tell to the devotees of Lord Krishna that they should be the one who should be protecting cows and go to the jail. Our Rama has nothing to do with the cows. This is not the case and is not true. Lord Rama was also a child of cows. If he was the child of Koushalya only he would have taken birth earlier. Ascetic saints, hermits in the jungle and celestials deities helped his mother consume milk porridge. Lord Rama was born from the very reverent milk. Lord Shankar also uses Nandi, the bull, as his vehicle. Without a mother cow, where will the ox come from? Chandramaa, the moon, is the brother of a cow. 
Cow came into existence by churning of the ocean. Ganga, the holy river, resides inside the cow urine. That is why cow has relationship with every creatures. Cows are serene, calm, caring and reverent and not worthy to be slaughtered. Even if you just scratch her neck, she starts licking you with love. Cow is mother to all. Cow has all the quality of a mother, nurturing, caring and giving to all.
**Hari Ohm TatSat ** - By Sri Pujya Mastaram Baba, Hanuman-Sheela, Rishikesh