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Om Hear now the hym, of Sri Guru Gita
This sung is sang to Bhagavan Shiva
It's melody is plain and terse;
Sri Guru Paramatma is it's God

Its words of power are "Ham" and Sah";
Sri Guru's Prasada may be won; chant this day this song of love

"Ham and "Sah" are symbols of the Guru's eyes. He is the source of the universe, by his will He appears in living form on earth lifting up the hearts of all

Free of bonds, He is everywhere eternally deathless spirit, God divine 
Everywhere He is manifesting as the world: On His feet one's mind should rest.

I sing this song to win the gift of love, Along with Liberation.

1.Parvathi came to serve her Lord Shiva, seated on a beautiful Mount Kailas; With deep devotion she bowed Her head, In reverent voice she said;

2. I surrender to Thee, O adorable Lord, Supreme teacher of the Universe Eternally pure, O highest God, Please teach me of the Satguru.

3. Shiva spoke to Goddess Parvathi. "Thou art That,' it has been proclaimed; No one's ever asked this boon but Thee, But I'll give it to everyone.

4. I am revealing, O beautiful one The mystery of the universe; God is not different from the Satguru, In Truth they're always One.

5. Penance, vows and sacrifice, Pilgrimages and charity leave the seeker in ignorance, Who knows not the Guru's worth.

6. The Guru is verily consciousness, there is no doubt He is absolute; Thus a wise man who seeks the truth, Will find it in his Satguru.

7.  Because of doubt and ignorance Truth is hidden from the scattered mind; Guru removes it with His light; The Divine Mother is revealed. 

8. When a devotee serves at his masters feet,
 All his sins will be washed away; His peaceful mind will  reflect the Self;  In Love I disclose to Thee.

9.Drink the water from Guru's feet, Take the prasad which He leaves for Thee; Repeat His mantram reverently, Meditate On His form Divine.

10. All holy rivers and sacred spots.  Holy trees and holy lands, Reside in the water from the Guru's Feet;
Salutations I offer Him.

11. On His form meditate all day; Sing in thy heart his Holy name;
Follow His teachings carefully;
Let the mind ever rest on Him.

12. Supreme knowledge from Guru's lips,
Can be realized through His grace alone; 
Inside the heart keep His precious love,
As a wife keeps His husband there.

13.Forget the role that you play in life;
Let go of status, success and fame;
In each situation in which you are placed,
Remember the Guru's name.

14. Not gods or demos of any realm, 
know the wisdom of the Satguru; 
But serve Him with purest love
His knowledge will bloom in Thee.

15. The syllable "Gu" represents darkness;
The syllable "Ru" stands for radiant light;
There is no doubt Guru is the Lord;
He dispels darkness with His Light.

16. "Gu" is illusory changing world;
That which appears to be real to men "Ru" is the Supreme Consciousness,
Ever free from maya's veil.

17. With unshaking faith the wise men say,
there nothing higher than the Satguru
Everything He could possible use,
The aspirant  should offer Him.

18. Devotees should try to please their lord with all the gifts they offer Him to win His gifts forever more
dedicate Thy life to him

19. Continually serve the Satguru
In every thought and word and deed; prostate fully in front of Him. without reservation in thy mind.

20. Surrender all to the Satguru Body, senses, and vital force; let go thy hold of your relatives Offer him Thy very soul,

21. Guru frees soul from the Tree of Life,
Lifting them heights divine;
Even those drowning in the depths of pain Salutations I offer Him.

22.He is the first cause of the world;
The bridge to cross the worldly sea;
The source of knowledge is in Him;
Salutation to the Satguru.

23.With His crystal stick of divine knowledge, The Guru opens the blind man's eyes;
Veiled by clouds of ignorance,
Guru makes Him see again.

24. Thou art my mother and my father too;
Thou art my brother, Thou art my friend;
Thou art my knowledge, Though art my wealth;
My light of lights Thou art.

25. The Guru's existence makes life go on;
He is the sun by whose whose light we live;
His love makes all love possible;
Salutations I offer Him.

26. He enables the mind to perceive this world;
Although we can't know Him with the mind;
Waking, dreaming and deepest sleep.

27. He's known only when we do not know Him;
Those who claim to. know Him not;
Nothing else but He exists;
Salutations to the Satguru.

28. Verily Though art the primal cause;
Though men see you as an effect You are cause and effect in one,
Salutations I offer Thee.

29. Supreme form of Guru is pure Nectar 
To one with the eye of discrimination;
A blind man's eyes cannot see the sun 
So is His glory hid.

30. To meditate on the Guru's form, is to meditate on the ever pure;
To chant with devotion the Guru's name 
is to chant Lord Chiva's name.

31. A speck  of dust from Master's feet,
Forms a bridge o'er the sea of change;
All our delusions can be undone;
Worship Him in everyone.

32. His dance creates and nourishes the world;
He penetrates the essence of scripture too;
Ignoring wealth, His eyes are fixed, 
ever on the final goal.

33. His glance is the pillar that supports the world;
It showers compassion and grace on all;
Permeated by the bliss of consciousness,
May His glance enlighten me.

34. The word "guru" is the best mantram,
As pure as the gold refined by fire,
Tested fully in reason's flame
Forever protects us from death.

35. He appears to move though He does not move; He appears as near though He's faraway;
He is within and without as well; 
He resides in the hearts of all.

36. I am stainless and totally pure,
Before the stars and galaxies;
Even before creation of life,
Blissful and imperishable

37. Always remember the Satguru;
Knowledge dawns through His gracious light;
Through the scriptures or inference
Or Through one's experience.

38. O Parvathi, to Thee I speak
This theme on which though should reflect;
Thy heart is pure, Thy mind serene,
So the Truth shall dawn in Thee.

39. The crest-jewel's of all scriptures,
Serve but to decorate the Guru's feet He is the sun with His rays of light,
He opens the Lotus of Truth.

40. By merely remembering the Satguru,
Spontaneous knowledge will dawn in Thee;
Attaining Him,All will be attained 
salutations I offer Him

41. He is peace and Bliss supreme Transcending all He is without stain;
Beyond sounds, visions and bondages;
Salutations I offer Him.

42. Through the fire of self-knowledge
Accumulated Karmas from all past lives. 
Have been erased by the flame of Truth
Salutations to the Satguru.

43. No Truth is higher than the satguru
Nothing purifies more than service to Him
Nothing realized could be higher than Him
Salutations to the Satguru

44. My Guru is the Lord of the Universe
My Guru is the Master of all the worlds;
My self is the self of everything
Salutations to the Satguru.

45. The root of meditation is the Guru's form;
The root of worship, the Gurus's feet;
The root of mantram is the Guru's word;
The root of freedom is His grace.

46. He has no beginning; He is without end;
God and Guru are always One;
Nothing is higher than the Satguru.
Salutations I offer Him.

47. The Guru can protect from the Lord's anger;
But none cane saved  from the Guru's wrath;
Therefore strive with all thy Thy heart,
To find refuge at the Guru's feet.

48.  The Whole Universe is contained in Him;
He creates, sustains and destroys it too;
Nothing but Himself in this world exists;
Prostrations to the Satguru.

49. Realization of the Self in You,
Is Won though devotion to the Satguru;
Nothing is greater; He is alone;
Meditate on Him- His grace is won;.

50. Though one is endowed with self discipline;
learning and strength may have been acquired;
One still spins on illusions wheel,
Due to ego and selfish pride.

51. Not even gods in heaven are free;
Not angels nor spirits on astral planes;
Bondage ties down even the saints,
if thy'll not serve the Satguru.

52. Supreme Goddess, O Parvathi,
Meditate on Guru ceaselessly;
pleasures and comforts will be Yours;
Liberation will open its doors.

53. I remember my Guru who is Brahman;
I speak of my Guru who is Brahman;
Surrender to my Guru who is Brahman;
I serve Him as Brahman too.

54. Salutations to the Supreme One;
Full of bliss and happiness;
Knowledge personified, infinite,
Eternal, pure and free.

55. He is the goal of "Thou art That"
The Witness of All the Universe;
Free from nature's qualities,
Beyond the finite mind.

56. His form is seated on a throne divine;
In the lotus of Thy heart;
He shines like the moon, bestowing boons.
He awakens the conscious mind.

57. At dawn remember the Satguru,
The two-eyed, two armed Lord of peace;
In the Lotus of the mind He dwells,
Giving fearlessness to everyone

58.  Service To the Guru brings highest joy;
Service to the Guru brings highest joy!
This is the word of Lord Shiva;
This what Lord Shiva says!

59. When one meditates on his Satguru,
Knowledge comes to him naturally;
One becomes aware of his own freedom;
Through the grace of the Satguru.

60. Purify the thoughts within Thy mind;
By following the path which the Guru shows;
Free your mind of all desires;
Get released from the senses grasp.

61. The essence  is the object to know;
What perceives is subjective mind;
Understand the essence of knower and known;
Unlock liberation's door.

62. Amongst the Scripture's weighty words
None is as mighty as the word "Guru"
It's holy power is surpassed by none;
It awakens the highest state.

63. One who serves his Guru faithfully,
Though unaware of scriptures laws, 
He is truly a Sanyasin
Orange robes are not the sign

64. As a bright lamp lights an unlit lamp
So the Guru imparts His Truth
Through his Grace we become Aware
of the nameless formless One.

65. Prostrations  to Sat Chid Ananda,
Without distinctions the One Supreme
He abides in his own true self
Ever lasting perfect and whole

66. Beyond the beyond he is the highest One;
Eternal bestower of happiness;
He lives in the center of your heart.
Like a crystal pure and bright

67. The pure mind reflects it's own image,
Like a mirror that is straight and clean;
Consciousness and bliss are our own True Self,
Shinning deep within.

68.Unite with all the universe, 
by knowing that which is the source;
Nothing else can compare to this
Everything else is unreal.

69. After Knowing one's own True Self,
Which is unveiled through the Guru's grace
Attachments and desires fall away
in his own peace men is free.

70. Enjoy everything that comes to you, 
whether is great, small or nothing at all;
Accept it All with a tranquil mind.
Free from anxiety.

71. After Knowing what can be known,
At once-bound soul can become divine;
It does not matter where he may be;
His heart will rest in peace.

72. Now Parvathi, You've been shown the way;
The Guru's words Thou must obey;
Devotion, dedication, and meditation,
lead a man to Salvation.

73. I have revealed the Truth to Thee;
It is contained in this song;
Repeat it daily with reverence
Overcome All worldliness

74. Infinite treasures will be obtained,
Through repeating this song of love;
All obstacles will be overcome;
Deprivations will end for Thee.

75. It helps eradicate all disease
It opens to success and wealth;
All can be captivated by your charm,
if you sing this sacred song.

76. Sing this song with one pointedness,
While seated on a mat of grass,
Or if this is not available a folded blanket is fine.

77. This mantram destroys all our bondages,
And helps one to realize his own true freedom;
Thus one becomes the king of kings,
and verily the light of lights.

78. All virtues manifest in Thee,
Powers of speech will be granted too;
Undesired karmas will be erased;
Thy capacity to serve will grow.

79. Health, thy birthright, will be renewed,
with prosperity, peace and happiness;
sing this song with desireless;
realize that you are free.

80. All benefits from this Guru's Hymn,
No matter what faith, color, caste or creed;
The Truth is the same however told;
Serve the Guru in everyone.

81. Sing this song in a peaceful place,
Free from distracting disturbances,
Where the sea laps against the shore,
Near a river or temple pure

82. Worldly desires will be washed away;
From Maya's traps thou will be freed;
to cut the bonds of birth and death,
Bathe Thyself in this Guru's song.

83. The gods reside where the Guru Lives;
A heaven on earth is manifest;
They are his constant company,
Near his residence they abide.

84. Whether standing, sitting or reclining
Awake, asleep or in a car;
However one may move around,
sing this sacred Guru song

85. Sing this love song reverently,
With sincerity and regularity
All that know thee wilt be blest;
You never need to be reborn.

86. The limited expands to unlimited,
Like the river flows into the sea;
Milk is the same in a jar or cup;
Man and God are Forever One.

87. The wise man knows equanimity,
Unaffected by night or day;
It matter not what work he does,
His mind is always calm.

88. Within himself, he rests in bliss,
The state of supreme Consciousness;
With dedication and devotion too,
He ceaselessly serves the Lord.

89. There is no prayer that can compare,
To the prayer that I give to Thee;
This is true; This is verily true!
There is no higher doctrine known.

90. The Guru is absolute, Supreme God.
The highest penance is faith in Him,
In His teachings and service too;
Guru is the highest Truth.

91. Blessed are all the relatives,
Blessed are the ancestors,
Of one who serves the Satguru;
Such a soul is rare indeed.

92. The Guru is beyond a doubt,
Our body, senses and breath of life:
Our father, mother and loved ones too;
He is our eternal Wealth.

93. When one satisfies the Satguru
All God's grace is easily won;
Scores of lifetimes sacrifice,
Yield their fruits  when He is pleased.

94. Through austerities and disciplines,
One may gain some  strength and power:
But such a one is unfortunate
Who serves not the Satguru.

95. To the Satguru's Lotus feet,
Make Thy purest pilgrimage;
The sacred temples and holy lands,
Are contained in Him.

96. Victory over death is won,
By him who sings this sacred song;
He will accomplish all his works,
Salvation he will attain.

97. Please share this song which I offer Thee,
With those who seek the Eternal Truth,
To those who are pure of heart and mind,
Those who have sincerity.

98. This song of Lord Shiva to Parvathi,
Reminds us where our every thought should be;
I offer this to Thee, O adorable lord,
Thy Grace is my hearts reward;
Thy Presence is my heart's reward.
Om Shaanti, Shaanti, Shaanti

a tribute to the guru and disciple relationship/mentor and disciple relationship/ master and student/ teacher and student relationship inside my heart

In GuruDeva Sweet Love

In His divine grace
In His divine embrace
In His Loving service
Love and Light 

Flower petals are offered to the Divine Mother during the Monday night celebration of Navaratri at Yogaville. Navaratri is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga. The word Navaratri means 'nine nights' in Sanskrit, nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights. During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Devi are worshipped. The evening ceremonies begin at 7:45 pm in Satsang Hall and continue through Sunday, October 9th, with a final puja (worship ceremony) Monday morning, October 10th, at 9:30 am. All are welcome to attend. Please contact Yogaville reception with any questions: 434-969-3121.

echas chon gocherias, ay, cadajo! ssh...


If you are painstaking about this phase of our development, we will be amazed before we are half way through. We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness. We will not regret the past or wish to shut the door on it.

We will comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace.

New Age Of Activism Forever presents The Holy Vedas!


mmm shivas and toast!

And it wasen't the bacon, the sausage links, the ham, the eggs, the hash browns, the T-bone steak.
And it wasen't the dirty piles of dishes, and the broken hose head, the heavy trash bags.
And it wasen't the early morning showers, the breathing, the prayers, the ticks,
And it wasen't the very hot dry weather, the snakes, the spiders, the loud noise in the trailer.
And it wasn't the human ka, ka, ka, ka, ka, with saw dust, the ditches.
And it wasn't the plane, the train, the buses, the taxis the long walks.
Ay, puchecas, Ay puchecas! Ay, Cachonda! Que! so! Que!so! I'd feels soo baa.
chismes, chismes, Cheese mess! Yums!

Namaste, Nameste, No, Mas, Te!

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  Photo of the year

Swami Priyaananda makes an offering at the IY-50 homa, which honored the 25th anniversary of the Lord Siva Lord Siva Nataraja Shrine at Kailash, Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville with Sri Swami Marudhachalam.

front left: swami Sagunananda, swami Priyaananda, swami Karauananda, swami MataJi and others Celebrating 50 years of Excellence at Nataraya Shrine, Kailash.  Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville.

Front right:swami sagunananda, swami mataJi, Sri swami Marudhachalam, swami karaunananda, and friends

y,  se los digo en su ka! y nos seguimos amando!

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 The Upanishads

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Honoree  Daisaku Ikea's Children's stories


From Whence do you come?

And Where do you go?

The moon has set but the sun has not yet risen.

In the chaos of darkness before the dawn

Seeking the light

I advance

To dispel the dark clouds from my mind

To find a great tree unbowed by the tempest

I emerge from the earth.

On December 12, a new website titled “Treasures of the Heart” featuring animated adaptions of children’s stories by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda was launched. The website displays a rotating selection of two or three films that changes every two weeks. The site and the films are available in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.
The films are set in different countries with hopeful messages about courage, friendship and protecting the environment. They are accompanied by questions seeking to inspire children to discuss the topics and themes presented. There is also an interactive “Fun Stuff” section that features “spot the difference” puzzles and quizzes.
First shown in Japan in 1996, Mr. Ikeda’s animated children’s stories have been broadcast in 10 different languages in 25 further countries and territories since 2004. They have also been used as educational resources in both India and the Philippines.
Mr. Ikeda says of his children’s stories: “It is my earnest wish that my works not only serve to create in children the awareness that their lives are infinitely precious, but that the stories also act as a springboard to enable them to cultivate ‘wings of courage and hope.’”
The “Treasures of the Heart” website is at http://treasures-of-heart.com/. Information on the schedule of films can be found under “Online Broadcast Schedule.”  
[Based on a report from the SGI Office of Public Information

September Newsletter
September is National Suicide Prevention Month 
For National Suicide Prevention Month, The Trevor Project created a digital media campaign to engage people in suicide prevention and crisis intervention. From a billboard in Times Square to PSAs featuring actor Kira Kosarin and transgender rapper Kaycee Ortiz, as well as Trevor guides on how to practice self-carecommunicate, and educate schools about suicide prevention, there are many ways you can save young lives with Trevor.
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AB 2246 Passes: Suicide Prevention Education Required in CA Grades 7-12
The Trevor Project, along with Equality California and Assemblymember Patrick O'Donnell, helped pass the first state bill in the nation to require middle and high school suicide prevention education specifically geared towards LGBTQ youth. We thank Governor Jerry Brown for signing this bill during National Suicide Prevention Month!
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Sponsor Spotlight: Johnson and Johnson
Created by the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies, Care With Pride™ campaign connects The Trevor Project, PFLAG, and the Family Equality Council in a unique partnership that focuses on raising awareness about the health and wellbeing of all youth. Learn about how to participate in October's Donate a Photo campaign.
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Young People Find Community on a Fundraising Page for Trevor
Learn how a fundraising page for Trevor became a place of community and connection for young LGBTQ youth.
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Doubling your donation is easy! Check to see if your company matches! | trvr.org/workplacegiving
The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth.
For more information, visit TheTrevorProject.org.
If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, call the Trevor Lifeline: 866 488 7386.

Dear friends

One month after the tragedy in Orlando and just a few weeks after the devastating losses of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the Dallas police officers, our Trevor supporters came together as a family to show LGBTQ young people that their lives matter.

With an approximately 70% increase in calls, chats, and texts in the wake of Orlando, our volunteers met the challenge and worked double shifts to ensure that we could be there 24/7 for youth who were in crisis. Thanks to our volunteers and supporters, together we are fighting to stand up for LGBTQ youth in the face of such darkness.

Right now, many LGBTQ young people are feeling unsafe, isolated, and invisible. Often unable to speak to their families or friends about their identities for fear of senseless violence, they turn to Trevor for the validation and support they need.

With so much going on in the world, now is the time to show LGBTQ youth that we are fighting for their well-being and a brighter future for all. We have to become a part of the solution, whether that means taking action in the LGBTQ community, calling local politicians, or having discussions about the issues that matter.

As our fiscal year ends on July 31st, we are counting on your support to help us continue the fight in standing strong for youth.

Every $25 you donate helps us impact the life of ONE more young person.

You can make a one-time gift, or consider joining us in our fight year-round by turning your gift into a monthly pledge that sustains our crisis intervention programming. Find the giving option that is right for you and make your gift today.

LGBTQ youth need us more than ever, and we need you. On behalf of our volunteers and the thousands of young people who rely on Trevor, THANK YOU for your generosity, and for standing with us to ensure a brighter future for all LGBTQ young people.


Abbe Land

Executive Director and CEO, The Trevor Project
We continue to recognize excellence! Newageofactivism.com Forever announces School Is OuT@Trevor!

Celebrating Pride 2016 with Trevor
Throughout the month of June, from Los Angeles to New York, Trevor celebrated Pride Month across the nation, showing LGBTQ youth that their futures deserved to be validated and supported. Learn how you can continue the celebrations until October...
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LGBTQ Advocacy: Fighting for LGBTQ Youth Across the Nation
From a youth suicide prevention bill clearing the California Assembly to our fight for stricter gun control, learn how we're fighting for LGBTQ youth across the nation...
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Why LGBTQ Youth Need Your Support This Summer
During the summer, many of Trevor's youth can find themselves in unsupportive environments, away from friends, or without the mental health resources they may have access to at school or college. Learn more about how you can support them here...
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TrevorLIVE and #ThisisMe: Paving the Way for a Brighter Future
Right now, LGBTQ youth are seeing that we are in a struggle to fight for rights and opportunities that seem so basic, including the freedom to gather with our community for a night of relaxation and socializing, without fear. That's why we have been beyond grateful for the the Trevor supporters who have bravely stood with us to serve as pathfinders in the fight for equality at events such as TrevorLIVE New York and #ThisisMe in San Francisco. Learn more here...
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Best of 2015:

Swami Amar Jyoti's Satsangs

                    Declaration of the United Nations Of Spirit

Constitution of the United Nations of Spirit

Earth’s Heart Temple Kiva. Varsana – Granada Colombia – Raíces de la Tierra 2015

Renewal of the Ancestral Word

Principles of Life:

On December 12, 2015, in the eco-village Varsana Jardínes Ecológicos, located on Via Granada, Cundinamarca, we presented the spoken law of the Great Spirit to mankind, in which we announce the rules and regulations of the origin and the way of life. Thus, through this document, we renew the ancient word to fulfill this agreement.
This word was placed on white paper after the Hoska ceremony ended: “word prayer breath of life from the tobacco”. The ceremony took place during the meeting of Indigenous Spiritual Authorities, Kiva Ceremony and Roots of the Earth, who came to South America from the north to fulfill the prophecy of the union of the peoples. This is what dawned:
The ancestral peoples here gathered: Nadda, Panches, Misak, Kogui, Wiwa, Uwa, Yana-cona, Cofan, Embera Chami, Huitoto, Quimbaya, Mhuisqa Chibcha, Wirrarikas, Vaisnava, Maya Chontal, Maya Quinche, Apache, Quechua, and native mestizos, want to announce to all mankind that we all have a common origin and that common origin is the mind: the mind of the Great Spirit, from which everything originates. Thus, it is our duty to place our mind in communion with the source, remembering that we came here to live from and for her.

Today we are reborn in the following nine breaths of life:

1. We recognize our Mother-Father Creators as our Law of Origin, who are manifested and expressed in the natural order and thus we declare ourselves: the United Nations of the Spirit.
2. We propose a way to educate real human beings based on our WAYS OF LIFE.
3. We invite human beings, who have forgotten their ancestral memory, to come and drink from this fountain of ancient wisdom.
4. We believe that all nature (elemental spirits, minerals, animals, plants, forests, rivers, mountains, humans, planets, stars, and the invisible) are not resources. They are our family, and therefore it is essential to live together in harmony.
5. We declare that interculturality and an exchange of knowledge encourages recognition of our common humanity, respect of our differences, and development of common agreements based on the Law of Origin of each of the ancestral peoples.
6. We declare that our spirituality is not a form of exotic religion, but a way of life in agreement with all beings, nature and the Universe.
7. We recognize the divine universal mother in woman, but in her, we do not recognize the model of transient beauty, which originates the idea that we can own and control the world.
8. We are fulfilling the dream of our ancestors. Our ancient peoples have the silence to know how to listen and the word to know how to speak and propose. This is an educational proposal, which is urgent for humanity, which puts the BEING in the center and the coexistence in harmony with all the visible and invisible beings. So, with the foundations of ancient tradition, stands a new old united humanity in the nine corners of the world.
9. We announce our government system to be the COSMOGEOCRACY. The order and the government of the cosmos is linked to the order and government of the Earth, where everything is interconnected; to accomplish this, we must extend, share and prepare the land, so the seed of the human heart germinates and thrives.
This is the unreleased word from the native peoples of the north, east, west and south. A new-old word- order which was asleep; a word – order reborn for humanity in all the directions. This word -order- had to be fulfilled from the beginning of the universe, guided by the elders, the guardians of that knowledge. The word of the breath of life of the sacred tobacco medicine represents this birth, through which the pollen of ancient memory is awakened. This word of the breath that creates the seed pulp that is transformed in all the kingdoms, in all the elemental spirits, humans, planets, stars and the invisible.
Through the word that comes from the heart, each nation surrendered the ideas and beliefs that did not allow them to see clearly. Everyone allowed themselves to give up individually and collectively what dwelt in them as parasites and weevil, everything that obstructed the reconnection with the original conscious. Through the preparation of the amilra (ancestral ceremony performed with tobacco leafs), it purifies everything that prevents us from seeing clearly. The contemporary human being had lost the ambil stick and the ambil (the spirit of the word), so he remained asleep in the flow of illusion in a world of appearances, forgetting the original law that has now been recovered.
We are the announced prophecies of the peoples and nations around the world, in compliance with the birth of a new humanity, a new ancient culture, where every nation is responsible for its natural norms and its law of origin. We must all return to the mind of the great creative spirit and from there multiply this story of origin, and from there announce that there is a path for the human seed that we are, the seed of the Creator from the beginning.
We now return to the path of the natural BEING, considering and respecting that each native nation prepared the path for cultivating the human seed. Today we are restored in the CosmoGeoCracy, so that the human seed germinates and thrives to become Naturagentes, guardians and custodians of life.
The native people propose to follow the steps that the ancient peoples left us. Even before conception, during gestation and in the vital cycle of labor, the being is connected to the natural order; otherwise it is not possible to be human without understanding this order. It is our duty to live in communion and in community, from the mystery of creation. We are all more than what is manifested; this includes all of nature, since there is a higher mind (God), the essence to which we unite to become community. Therefore, we propose an agreement to return to the wisdom of origin that allows us to be one with everything and everyone.
We, the ancient peoples, offer a cultural agreement: the agreement between ancient wisdom of naturalhumanization and the artificial technological world. We intend to generate a synthesis between what was brought in 1492 and what we have had here since the beginning, to generate a new old order, to allow the path of existence. We understand that the modern world has taken life and caught existence, that is why we propose a path that orders existence. In other words for all humans to have the possibility to walk the walk of existence of who we truly are, for we are not the body and yet we are the body. To walk allowing everyone to become explorers of this mystery, returning from the origin to remember who we really are and adjust our lives to allow everyone to exist. This is what we, the ancient peoples, mestizos, white and native-mestizos gather here today propose.
This continent is basically mestizo and we return to our heritage and memory of the native mother and the land (native-mestizo) to generate a synthesis. We DO NOT deny the western world, we propose an agreement: an agreement to return to be Naturagentes.
We declare ourselves to be the communities of the United Nations of the Spirit of the Naturagente.
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Srila Bhakti Aloka Para,awaiti Swami Maharahaj 


As sung by Wayne Hunt and the students of 
Sri Swami Satchidananda