Monday, March 26, 2012

Why are people from Main Street protesting all over the country about Wall Street???? By Beth Fortman-Brand

Why are people from Main Street protesting all over the country about Wall Street????
We are living in extraordinary times, such like nothing we have ever lived through.  These times are the beginning of unprecedented changes as we are transitioning from how we have been operating as individuals and humanity as a whole.  It is a time of the “Great Awakening”—“The Age of Aquarius” a shift in consciousness is underway.  What that means is that each of us on an individual level and humanity as a whole is being pushed to “Awaken”.  To assist in this process of exponential, acceleration of  “Awakening” over the past 17 years, there has been an enormous amount of “LIGHT” coming to our beautiful planet to allow each of us the opportunity to “Turn on our LIGHT”.  What happens when we turn on the LIGHT???  We are then able to observe what has been lurking in the shadows.  Those things that are now illuminated were ALWAYS there and can now no longer be hidden.  That is why there is evidence of change all around us.  We are transitioning into a higher state of consciousness that embraces personal responsibility and integrity.  We are quickly shifting from a belief in “win-loose”; competition and greed to one of “win-win”; cooperation and compassion.  Anything in our world that doesn’t begin to reflect this shift is being exposed and dissolved.  One of the many examples of the amazing changes that we are currently facing is with our economy.  The reason our economy must change is because our corporations can no longer operate from the sole purpose of profit!  Our corporations will not succeed in this new consciousness of humanity if their focus continues to be one of only taking care of their Shareholders and Top Executives.  Just a couple decades ago the Top Executives made 40% more than their employees.  Recently, research has shown that those same positions earn 400% more now.  Obviously that is just not a win-win.  So now we are witnessing individuals from Main Street beginning to get off their couches, turn off their televisions and go out into the streets to demand the fairness we ALL deserve from Wall Street!!!  BRAVO, these are significant signs of more individual’s beginning to  “Awaken”!!!!