Friday, March 23, 2012

How can I stop my negative thoughts from running my life? by Beth Fortman-Brand

It takes courage to be willing to challenge your beliefs. To create more love in your life and less drama and chaos, you need a great deal of courage. Every person in every society has fears and demons. Fears show up in different ways as anger, jealousy, hate, envy, resentment and other negative emotions. Be willing to pay attention to your thoughts and acknowledge and be aware of your emotions in every moment. 

     Awareness and willingness are the keys. What thoughts and beliefs are you willing to release so that new, more loving thoughts can take their place? In the quest for the life you want, are you committed to maintaining your old beliefs about how things work, or are you willing to change your beliefs in order to create the life you deserve? 

     If your beliefs are lies or half truths that you tell yourself to give your current experiences meaning, then changing your beliefs or mind-set changes the meanings you attach to your experiences. How many times have you had preconceived notions prior to an experience, then something occurs to change your mind-set, and the experience ends up being different than you expected?

     Next time you go into a situation that you have been in before, go in with no expectations, and see how different that makes the experience. The mind-set or expectation of how things “should be,” colors our vision in a way that limits our experiences. When you learn to go with the flow, many more opportunities may enter your life because you are more open to the possibilities. When your limiting beliefs block the flow, they cause you to feel like you are being pushed and in turn, you feel you need to push real hard to just barely get what you need.

     Your willingness to expand your belief system is essential for personal growth. Many of us grew up believing a lot of things that are incorrect, unloving, and unhealthy. These beliefs keep us from moving forward on our journey in experiencing life fully and in achieving our greatest potential. So many of the beliefs you have about yourself are not true. Look at the word “believe”, you will see the words “be” and “lie” contained in it. So your healing begins when you accept that the person you have been programmed to believe you are, may not actually be your true self. Your willingness to expand your belief system, to include universal truths, allows you to move forward on your path of self-discovery and enlightenment. We use our perceptions to define our experiences. As we change our perceptions, our experiences change. Because perceptions are formed from beliefs, as you transform your beliefs into the knowing of divine truth, your experience of life will be one of love, abundance, peace, health, harmony, and joy. This is how to experience “Heaven on Earth” as it has been foretold many times.

     To create the life you desire you need to understand that there are universal laws in place. The “Universal Law of Attraction” is one of the laws that determines how we create our reality. Subconscious thoughts, the storehouse of memories, directly create our current reality. The subconscious takes the information it gets from the conscious Mind and makes it real (our thoughts, words, actions, and images). It takes the information you focus on (where you put our attention and place your energy) and draws into your life experiences to match those thoughts. Much to your disappointment, your subconscious DOES NOT distinguish between negative and positive. It is the “Ultimate Yes-Man” and has no sense of humor. It takes everything literally. That is why you even need to be mindful of joking, making fun of yourself, and putting yourself down.